Making a Difference

melanie and student 514WITS is a change agent for arts education, with a commitment to fine tuning our delivery to make it more effective and compelling. WITS is audited annually by Blazek & Vetterling LLP and is an accredited charity with the Better Business Bureau of Houston. WITS maintains a low overhead, and 85% of funds go to programs. Participating schools are thoroughly invested in WITS, paying matching fees through accessible Title 1 funding. What is more, 92% of students receive services free of charge.


In 2016…

  • Writers in the Schools students sharpened 36,858 pencils and wrote powerful essays, stories, and poems.
  • Writers in the Schools students powered up their imaginations to invent Lucia the porcupine, Giselle the nervous statue, and Jacob the fish-boy in 400,000 lively stories.
  • Writers in the Schools students outperformed other Houston students in reading and writing.


Writers in the Schools (WITS) maintains excellent financial and accounting practices, demonstrated through its annual audit by Blazek & Vetterling LLP and consistent accreditation by the Houston Better Business Bureau. WITS maintains a low overhead, and 87% of funds go to direct program services, benefiting more than 28,000 children and teachers each year.

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WITS teaches students and teachers from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and neighborhoods.  Approximately 85 percent of WITS students attend Title 1 schools, qualify for the federal free lunch program, and are considered “at-risk” for dropping out of school.