Can we meet at the bridge? Will you promise to be there? Your eyes are like diamonds shining in the sun. Clouds drift away, and raindrops stop. You rise like a flame on the mountaintop. I am like silver, and you are like gold. I am like silver, and you are like gold. On the… Read more »

Sometimes you just have to change the things of the real world into another story. Sometimes you have to walk back and forth then all of a sudden you hear the ants talking to you. When you look at the sky the birds ask, “How are you today?” Since no one is the ruler of… Read more »

Photograph by Karen Sachar

It’s a wiki wiki world that I’m seeing these days. Wondering about my life and how it’s going to be the next day. You think about the good and bad. But take a look at this life of mine and all you see is bad times. Sometimes you wonder ‘til you can’t wonder no more…. Read more »

Chesney was born and raised in a family that is real hot-headed. She has two tattoos. Her mom knows about both of them. Her daddy doesn’t really know, and she’s not planning on telling him. She has a habit of shopping non-stop. She cannot make eggs for nothing. This girl is petrified of heights and… Read more »

You’ve been dreaming for now and forever. What now? Endless possibilities now open, breathing life into a bloom of the blue… by Hector, UCP High School/High Tech Program Artwork also by Hector A.

Mr. Happy was born on April 1st, and everyone said he was a joyful baby who laughed a lot. His favorite food as a kid was pancakes made in the shape of smiley faces and Fruit Loops. During the day he liked to spray water on people and work on his comics and cartoons. He… Read more »

The national poetry slam comes to Austin next week. Here are the details. DATE & TIME: Saturday, Aug. 11th, 3:15 – 4:45 pm ADMISSION: Free PLACE: Ruta Maya World Headquarters, 3601 S. Congress, Austin TX For more information, contact the Texas Youth Word Collective. HYPE: What do you get when you combine the Texas Youth… Read more »

Hope is thought of as an acorn providing food for young animals, a reflection still showing in a broken mirror, a weed growing in the cracks of the sidewalk, a small rosebud on a plant, a symbolic flag seen through the smoke of a battle field. Hope is the glimmer in a young child’s eyes,… Read more »

Today let’s scale a modern mountain. A tradition of integrity, take it for a spin Act now Go the distance Up against the wall with possibilities But to last, Finish big. by Adolfo, age 6

Blue is sad, something like mad or bad, but always experienced. Blue is cold, a shivering feeling,black usually when you’re scared or experiencing death. Blue is scared, a fearful thing to experience. It happens to everyone. Blue is water, a very gentle thing, but at the same time black drowning and killing. Blue is death,… Read more »

I am the color yellow, bright and vibrant wherever I go. Imagination fills my brain and happiness covers my face. I smell sunshine and confidence that encourages my strengths. I am the color yellow. by Courtney, 9th grade, Bellaire High School

The color pink makes me wink! I think about it all the time. It’s not a lime! It’s pink, of course. Not a horse! Just pink. Blink! by Sarah, age 7 Texas Children’s Hospital

Oh, have you ever trifled with a juicy tree treasure? Oh, have you owned an orange orb? Oh, have you conjured a clementine, With all its juicy jumble? The delicate flavors tango on the tongue, spraying their supple sweetness. Tangy but tart tree treasure from the earth— the Courageous Clementine! by Jacob, 3rd grade

Last year I used to get dirt in my eyes. I used to miss the ball. I used to get hit by the ball. I used to fall down. I used to hit my head. I used to go the wrong way. I used to stare at people. I used to run out of breath…. Read more »

In this feature article, The Houston Chronicle spotlights the WITS Summer Camp. Five-year-old Isabella’s writing assignment, hanging on the classroom wall for the world to see, vividly described how angry the little girl was when her mother threw out some toys at the start of the summer. Her mom, Jonett Miniel, couldn’t have been prouder…. Read more »

I will put in my box A giant greenish-blackish tree Sparks from a pistol The cries of thousands of people I will put in my box The founder of Pakistan The books of the year The uniforms of people who died in wars I will put in my box A beautiful day of Independence A… Read more »

I always wanted to go somewhere where there were no poachers and we could rest more and not get eaten by lions. I always wanted to be the Emperor of China and I would banish all of the poachers and send them to Madagascar. by Sydney Katherine, 2nd grade

During the summer I would ride my bike every day. As I got on my bike I enjoyed riding my bike down the streets. The wind was a small detail of my daily bike rides. I thought of it as a refreshment. The breeze on my face was calming and nice. As I rode my… Read more »