El hombre y la semilla El hombre siembra la semilla. La semilla le da el fruto, y con el fruto el hombre puede hacer dos cosas: comer y vender. Así vive el hombre; cuando come, se mantiene fuerte y saludable, y cuando vende, puede con el dinero darse gustos. Puede comprar cosas que lo hacen… Read more »

This Father’s Day rap by Akeem and James is about teen dads who don’t get to see their children. (Time = 2 minutes, 30 seconds.)

I was holding my father’s hand. We lifted our necks high into the air. The sculpture was so high. We gasped in amazement. We lifted our necks high into the air. Your mother would have loved to see this, he said. We gasped in amazement. It was a breathtaking view. Your mother would have loved… Read more »

When somebody stomps on a flower, it will make a funny noise. And when someone waters it, it starts growing and singing. And every time it grows a leaf, it starts dancing. And every time it reads a book, it gets smarter. I will tell you how it talks. Every time it sees a bird,… Read more »

Last night I found out that my dog has a secret life. When we all went to bed, I saw my dog, Memory, get the car keys and drive off! When Memory came back, she had a big bag from Pappadeaux’s restaurant. She pulled out some hot bread, a seafood platter and a large Coke…. Read more »

My mom’s cheeks get red when she falls in Love. She fell in love with my dad when she first saw him. This is how it happened: First my dad saw another man bothering her, So my dad went over there and said, “Stop bothering her!” My mom said thank you and her cheeks got… Read more »

Sounds like people talking nicely, no bad words Tastes like fresh fruit from a field or cookies at the Gonzalez’s and a cool drink when you are outside in the hot summer Smells like roses when they first bloom in my garden Feels like the soft smooth fur of my cat Tiger, and that fuzzy… Read more »

The WITS Summer Camp programs begin on Monday, June 11. The camp, co-sponsored by Rice University, has been named the “Best Summer Program for Kids” by the Houston Press. The central campus at Annunciation Orthodox School is nearly full. There are still spaces available for children in grades K-5 on the north Houston campus, located… Read more »

My name is Majeoxy. 1. I love my family because they love me. 2. I live in the South. 3. When I grow up, I want to be a nurse, cheerleader, teacher, singer, news reporter.

I always like going to Aunt Ida’s house in the springtime, the zydeco music blasting from the living room, smells of the barbecue and German chocolate cake coming from the kitchen and the slapping of dominoes on the card table…grandma using her two fingers to eat her famous mustard greens while reminiscing about the old… Read more »

I sit thinking Thinking if I respect myself If my temple is truly sacred If I am filled with the strength of my ancestors If I am a real woman, a woman of old If I am the voice of my lost sisters I sit thinking. “My Thoughts,” by Ardella Williams, Southwestern High School, Detroit,… Read more »

On the Other Side I walked into a tunnel of blue light and on the other side I saw a world where mothers hold babies, where muscle men fall down, where ships fly, where men take care of men, where there is a castle, where cats cry out loud, where women have wings, where birds… Read more »

I. On a royal blue day I feel like I am king. I wear a long velvet robe and sit on a throne under the stars. II. Green, oh, Green! Green days make me want to sleep on a bed of seaweed and hop from lily pad to lily pad. III. Brown is gooey. It’s… Read more »

The winds Are the many boyfriends you’ve had. They come breezing through Your path, blowing you away. They are different each time. Light and snappy Or Heavy and lingering. They come and go, But not as you please. by Lisa, 10th grade

You’re dangerous and perfect all in one GET REAL You know big things about the beautiful world. by Timothy, 7th grade

Poetry — it is something special, something that lets me know I’m safe. When I start to write poems, I think of something warm, soft, and cuddly. I think of things I can say to let other people know that they are also safe. But there is something very weird about poetry and me, because… Read more »

One day I was babysitting my little cousins, Jahlil, Naigwan, Zayna and Elija. My uncles and aunts had gone to a movie. They didn’t want to take their children, so I had to baby-sit them which at first I didn’t think was a very good idea. It was going to be a long evening for… Read more »