I am anything I want to be.
My arms are made up of the
seven wonders of the world.
My tears are tsunamis.
I have power beyond everyone’s
I invented the best creation
known to man: plastic.
If I went to lunch every day,
there would be no spoon
high enough for me.
I’m taller than the Twin Towers.
I invented you with the blink
of my eye.
When my first universe was
destroyed, I cried,
creating oceans.

With a tap on my watch, I can
decide how old you are.
I can create things at full speed beyond your wildest imagination.
I discovered light while doing an
I’m not what you think, but
at the same time I’m everything
you think.
The flag of your country is a
couple of pieces of my shirt.
I created superheroes. They work
for me and only me.
Math is something I thought of
with only one cell of my brain.
I am anything and everything I want
to be.

by Storie, 4th grade

When my eyes leave me
they see everything around
me. They turn hybrid colors.
They play the game marbles
and always win.
They buy themselves bling bling
and ring up my credit card bill.
Then my eyes get on a spaceship
and go to another planet.
And on that planet there are
millions of eyes.
They treat my eyes like kings,
and my eyes
never return
ever ever

by Joseph, 4th grade

A long time ago
kids could walk on the ceiling
and birds went to school
and cats chased dogs,
dogs chased mice,
and they could fly.

One day the kids grew wings.
The sun fell onto the ground,
and the kids flew up to the moon and
told the moon
that she was the shiniest
planet in the sky.

by Gavi, 1st grade

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