the sun shining as I walk,
as the water runs out, children splashing each other
tamales my mom makes in the kitchen
watching how delicately she turns them on the stove
cars stopping every second
children trying to earn money by putting fire in their mouths in the streets
going down to get in a train
hearing the motor’s jerking sound
air blowing in my hair as the train passes,
moving place to place,
how beautiful to be home.

by Liliana, 6th Grade

I’m turning nine,
but I still look back and see pictures of me.
I see pictures of my mom going on every field trip I had,
and in every picture I looked into, I saw my mom and me.
I stopped and looked at a picture of my mother and me on a swing.
I saw another picture that made me stop:
I was on a horse.

You tell me that it is too early to be looking back,
but that is because you have forgotten,
that it was very fun to do so many things that I can’t do now.
If you love kids and they ask you to play, think about what you felt
when you asked your parents to play with you.
When I was little I would always pretend I was a witch.

But now I am nine.
I ride bigger horses.
I swing with my legs free.
I’m going to pass up my mom sooner or later.

by Mariella, 4th grade

Black bike tracks on the hard cement
The crazy driver zipping down the street
The pears on the pear tree in the back yard
growing as slow as molasses.

My mom rushing to get to work
Me erasing so many times my eraser is dust
Drawing so fast, my hand falls off.

Watching my dad eat a whole large cheese pizza
My sister waking up because of her alarm (the alarm is me)
Writing a 100 page story so fast, my pencil gets to be only half a centimeter long
Going fishing so long, I fall asleep while holding the fishing pole.

Being hungry enough to eat two whole elephants
Having white teeth that are so white that no one can see you because
the shininess of your teeth blinded them
Writing so hard, I make a hole in the paper.

by Eden, 4th grade

I am the moon reflecting off the calm, blue water.
I am a balloon drifting higher and higher, hovering above the clouds.
I am a raindrop plummeting down from the bright sky.
I am a tree feeling the nourishment from the sun.
I am the leaves fluttering down from a magnolia tree.
I am the water flowing down the river swiftly and rapidly.
I am the bird flying over the horizon.
I am the spirits escaping into nothingness.

by Sophie, 4th grade

Dear Pluto,

It’s us, we are kicking you out.
Your ego was the size of the sun,
And you’re no longer considered to be one of us.
Have fun in another galaxy!

The Solar System

P.S—You left some of your moons;
we expect that you’ll be by to pick them up.

by Emily, 9th grade

The lions are roaring
with temper.

The traffic is running
in terror.

The dolphins are leaping
in happiness.

The people are rushing
to the shop in the market.

I am resting, trying to
get some sleep.

The fire is burning
with fear.

The cars are driving
with speed.

The mother is resting
to sleep.

A girl who wants
to sing,

The world about
to spin,

The wind blushing
in trees,

With my mother,
With me.

by Anh, 3rd grade

The waves of a calm river
Bashing the deep sea green
Hugging the shore and the trees
The leaves whispering
Into the water
Its fast-rushing waves
Dashing to the waterfall
Seaweed draping the river’s floor
And the splashing of its heart
Splish, splash, splash.

by Maya, 4th grade

My thumb is like a tough, bold soldier who lived in the war.
My index finger is like a mother, always pointing.
My middle finger is like a snobbish finger from Paris.
My ring finger holds up all the rings from my other fingers.
My pinky is smaller than a short pencil.
The lines on my hands are like different rivers running through the Rio Grande Mountains.
My hands stretch for the stars in the moonlit sky.

by Takiesha, 4th grade

You can speak in all kinds of languages.
You can speak in bird calls.
You can speak English.
You can speak however you want.
Always remember that the words are coming out of your mouth.
You can speak in Spanish.
You can speak anything to anybody. It’s always up to you.
You can speak “country.”
I am Hakeem, I speak English.
I want to learn Spanish.
It’s very good to speak Spanish, African, Jamaican, Chinese, and Japanese.
It’s how you speak in your mind, and that’s how it’s going to be.

by Hakeem, 3rd grade

Birds in trees
sing out their hearts
to fill the air
with lovely songs.

I hear the birds
whispering to themselves.
I see other birds
fly up to the sky.

Then the birds stop
singing. I close
my eyes,
but they’re nowhere to be

As I walk
away I feel
as if I want to
fly in the air
and sing out
my own heart.

by Milischent, 4th grade

Oh, emerald green, you are slippery and wet
You tumble like the grass

Oh, emerald green, you whisper secrets in the night
You are like an emerald green window

Oh, emerald green, I can’t sleep without you
You glow in the night

Emerald green, I see you with my eyes closed
I feel you inside my head

You make me think of a twirling acrobat
You are bright and wild

You clap like thunder
You shake, rattle, and roll

Emerald green, I love you so much
You make me laugh, you make me cry.

by Trevor, 11th grade

I am the sky, I never die.
I fly so free, and I fly so high.
I never stop even if I try.
I love watching people go by.
I am so big, I can touch space.
I am up, up, and up over the clouds.
My pals Cloud and Sun are always with me.
I float all the time.
I am very strong.
I can be a multi-colored sky.
I am very friendly, “Hi!”
I help carry air from place to place.
I have the best view of the world.
I can sometimes dive into the deep blue sky,
But I can’t speak words.
I see lots of birds.
I am the sky!
I like my job.

by Jordan, 2nd grade

my mom
gives me shots
the chemo shots
so I’ll get better
she has to poke me
on the fat side of my arm
when she sees me get poked
she holds her breath
she’s so scared
she doesn’t want me jumping around
what if the needle breaks?

she is so scared
she hopes I will get well
I have two more months
soy amada
because I am almost done
with my chemo,
and I’ll go to Denver
though I’m a big chicken;
I’m scared of airplanes
my mom or my grandma
will sit close to me
to make me feel better
because soy amada.

by Elizabeth, 4th grade

Mi nombre

Mi nombre es como una mariposa volando en el cielo por las mañanas shhh shhh.
Mi nombre se ve como el lápiz de mi hermano que apenas sabe escribir oraciones.
Mi nombre suena bs bs como una abeja amarilla.
Mi nombre huele como una banana grande que me comí en la casa de mi tía.
Mi nombre sabe como los frijoles que hace mi mamá todos los jueves.
Mi nombre se siente feroz como el dinosaurio que hace ron ron en la television.
Mi nombre es como el planeta Marte que está dando vueltas alrededor del sol chug chug chug.

My Name (Translation)

My name is like a butterfly flying in the sky every morning shhh shhh.
My name looks like my brother’s pencil, the one that he is using to learn to write.
My name sounds like yellow bee buzz buzz.
My name smells like a big banana that I eat at my aunt’s house.
My name tastes like the beans my mom cooks every Thursday.
My name feels fierce like the dinosaur that comes out roar roar on TV.
My name is like the planet Mars cycling around the sun chug chug chug.

by Dania, 4th grade

He is night black and coffee brown.
He is very thoughtful.
Every time I’m sad, he cheers me up.
With his big, dark eyes, he
brainwashes me into giving him a treat.
When I go home to my dog
my dog turns home into heaven.
He is very old and has a lot of wisdom.
If you look him straight in the eye
he will enchant you into petting him.
His name is Doggy!

by Edgar, 4th grade

I am anything I want to be.
My arms are made up of the
seven wonders of the world.
My tears are tsunamis.
I have power beyond everyone’s
I invented the best creation
known to man: plastic.
If I went to lunch every day,
there would be no spoon
high enough for me.
I’m taller than the Twin Towers.
I invented you with the blink
of my eye.
When my first universe was
destroyed, I cried,
creating oceans.

With a tap on my watch, I can
decide how old you are.
I can create things at full speed beyond your wildest imagination.
I discovered light while doing an
I’m not what you think, but
at the same time I’m everything
you think.
The flag of your country is a
couple of pieces of my shirt.
I created superheroes. They work
for me and only me.
Math is something I thought of
with only one cell of my brain.
I am anything and everything I want
to be.

by Storie, 4th grade

When my eyes leave me
they see everything around
me. They turn hybrid colors.
They play the game marbles
and always win.
They buy themselves bling bling
and ring up my credit card bill.
Then my eyes get on a spaceship
and go to another planet.
And on that planet there are
millions of eyes.
They treat my eyes like kings,
and my eyes
never return
ever ever

by Joseph, 4th grade

A long time ago
kids could walk on the ceiling
and birds went to school
and cats chased dogs,
dogs chased mice,
and they could fly.

One day the kids grew wings.
The sun fell onto the ground,
and the kids flew up to the moon and
told the moon
that she was the shiniest
planet in the sky.

by Gavi, 1st grade

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