The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) Graphic Design Research Initiative (GDRI) and Writers in the Schools (WITS) recently collaborated on a special project that featured WITS students and University of Houston graphic design students.  The GDRI students turned the children’s poems into graphic designs, using inspiration from various fields, including concrete poetry, expressive typography, and Dadaism. The… Read more »

The mast shakes. The sail is taut and motionless. As the wind howls, people yell. I’m hit in the face with icy sea water. People go down and get back up. I look over the edge of the ship and see something tap. I look up and hope to god I’m not the only one… Read more »

The Texas Book Festival is holding its 16th annual Fiction Writing Contest for teens.The theme of the contest is “Note to Self.” Entries are due by July 1st, 2016. For more information, click here.  

The Houston Public Library is hosting its 1st Teen Writing Contest! Here’s how it’s described on their site: Channel your imagination into an original short story or poem for a chance to win some amazing prizes. Subjects for your short story or poem are limited only by your imagination. Entries will be judged on originality, use of… Read more »

Captain, take me on a ride to a place so wonderful as I hear the horn honk hard. It feels like a day when you’re eating your favorite dish for dinner. The water vibrating through the boat as we drive through the Seven Seas. No matter how long it takes, I want to go to… Read more »

Join us on Thursday, July 7th at Brazos Bookstore from 6-8pm for the Soapbox Non-Fiction slam hosted by the WITS Youth Advisory Council. Students ages 13-19 are invited to bring their best non-fiction story (under 5 minutes) on the theme of growing up. There are a total of 15 spots available on a first come first served… Read more »

Bring a book Write a story Live a life Travel around the world Explore the forests Swim the seas Fly the skies Try new things Collect rare treasures Create new things Sketch a new world Ride a dragon Climb a mountain Walk on a cloud Swing through treetops Help your family Comfort your friends Be… Read more »

This Saturday, June 18th, the Meta-Four Houston students will have the honor of recording their poetry at the world famous SugarHill Studios in Houston, Texas. SugarHill has generously donated their time and expertise to give our students the experience of a lifetime! Some other famous names that have have recorded at SugarHill (maybe you’ve heard of… Read more »

Join us Friday, June 10th at 6:30pm for a special performance by WITS’ Meta-Four Houston team at Barnes & Noble First Colony’s B-Fest Teen Book Festival. This special performance will be followed by Trivia Blast at 7pm, created by Penguin Teen and Random House’s First In Line, who will send one winner in every store advance reader’s… Read more »

WITS has partnered with the University of Houston-Downtown’s GDRI (Graphic Design Research Initiative) program to turn WITS students’ poetry into visual works of art! These works are on display now in the tunnel below Houston’s Downtown City Hall. This traveling visual poetry exhibition uses techniques from fields that include concrete poetry, expressive typography, and visual literature,… Read more »

Someone brought me a branch Little tiny bugs work inside like ants I felt happy when I got it So many ideas of what to build Someone brought me a branch by Sa’nia, 1st grade

My story is in my hands. My hands help me taste good food and feel soft blankets. My hands help me hear the piano and smell flowers. My hands help me see a book. My story is in my hands. by Frida, 1st grade

    Spend an evening with WITS on Thursday, June 2nd, 6-10pm for Mid Main’s First Thursday event. There will be live music, performances, art shows, tasty drinks and appetizer specials. A $5 donation will give guests access to the Art Garden and drinks from Topo Chico, St. Arnold, and Deep Eddy. Proceeds will benefit… Read more »

In the morning when the sun rises I imagine you as someone I love who has passed away. My eyes hunt for you when I am sad or mad. I cherish your lovely whiteness. You make my eyes water with happiness. I adore your fluffiness that is softer than a dog. Nothing will separate us,… Read more »

Black is the night sky while you are sleeping. Black is the sound of a crow chirping through the day. Black smells like shoes on your feet. Black feels spiky and hard, like a dinosaur’s spikes. Black tastes like steak that was burned in the oven. Black goes outside and jumps on a black horse…. Read more »

    Check out this interview with WITS Executive Director Robin Reagler in the May issue of Houston Family Magazine (pages 42-43).She talks about her passion for creative writing, storytelling, video game design, and education.

Meta-Four Houston poets Rukmini and Donald are organizing a youth slam event that will take place on May 6th. Please join us at 6 pm at Sharpstown High School in Houston.  

Oustpoken Bean motivated and inspired the students at the Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota over the weekend. Many of the students there already perform spoken word, participate in an on-campus writers’ society, and attend Dances with Words, a reservation-wide, afterschool program that holds interactive writing workshops. Outspoken Bean worked with students as part… Read more »

photo courtesy of pixabay I would sail on a wooden blue boat with a flag waving in the wind I would jump a fast-moving train whooshing over the land I would pilot a small plane over and above the clouds I would tunnel under the earth where the ants crawl I would go bravely into the great… Read more »

photo courtesy of pixabay The sky Gray But not too much so ‘is not gloomy but relaxed The wind Light For I feel it’s softly tugging at my paper But even if I let it go the paper wouldn’t Move far. The sun’s light shines dimly Through the clouds The deep green grass catches My eye with… Read more »