Teen Poetry Contest: Write Poems Inspired by Art!

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Here is an exciting EKPHRASTIC POETRY contest for teens, ages 13-19. It is organized by Public Poetry in partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and it is FREE to enter for teens. So, plan a visit to the museum today and get inspired! Below are the guidelines to write and submit your work. You can view online the five pieces of art that will serve as inspiration for your original poetry.

artwork-detail EKPHRASTIC POETRY may include literal descriptions of a work of art, the poet´s mood in response to a work of art, metaphorical associations inspired by a work of art, or personal memories about a work of art.

Eligibility: All teens, age 13-19, (as of September 8, 2014) are eligible.

  • Deadline Extended: Poems must be received by midnight on December 15th, 2014.

No Entry Fee: FREE

Complete information available here.

There is also a competition for adults.


A Hungry Dog at Thanksgiving

Posted November 24, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

If I were the dog, at Thanksgiving I would say:

That chopped liver smells good.
I hope they drop some turkey.
I want to taste that.
I think I see dessert.
This is so noisy.
When is it going to be over?
I think I like everything here.
I will just jump on the table.
Ooooooooh cake.
I can fly like a bird. Whee!
I am invincible like a zombie.
Splat! Sorry about that.
Darn, that was strawberry icing.


By Benjamin, 2nd grade

from the WITS archives, 2010

Slam with Us – Friday, November 21st

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The next Meta-Four Houston event will be the Orbit Slam on Friday, November 21st, 6 pm at MECA.

Meta-Four Houston offers free writing and performance workshops every second Friday of the month at Discovery Green (1500 McKinney 77010)


Every third Friday of the month at MECA (1900 Kane 77007)

Students ages 13-19 are welcome! It’s FREE.


Posted November 17, 2014 & filed under Notebook, Poem, Student Writing.

When I’m scared, I jump

That’s what my grandma told me

Don’t let anything make you scared

Be brave

Jump, jump, jump!

By Alaisha, 4th Grade


Posted November 10, 2014 & filed under Notebook, Poem, Student Writing.

Once I was the wind.
I swayed in the trees.
My friends were in the air.
I pushed leaves and I blew flowers
and the flowers fell to the ground.
I heard birds chirping.
I pushed the wood chips on the playground
where the kids were playing
and I whistled by,
flying in the breeze.

by Ava, 1st grade
Writers in the Schools (WITS)

I Have a Voice

Posted October 31, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.


My voice gallops like a horse through thunder.

My voice echoes like a mad sea in a storm.

My voice chants for Big Red as he crosses the finish line.

My voices whispers like a strong wind in the night.

My voice sings like a robin in the dust.

by Carrie, age 8


Posted October 28, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.


Twisting, turning inside
This is not the end
I have hope, a purpose
Black field of scars
I will survive
I will turn onto the
white road of happiness.

By Alanna, 17

Don’t Be Afraid

Posted October 15, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

Don’t be afraid
to tumble into a
blue future

Don’t assume that my
fear tiptoes or that
you can hear whispers of
lies, cheating, and cries

My determination
will leap forth into
an ocean of dreams

After the light dreams
blossom into laughs, joy,
passion, and hope.

By Alonzo, age 18

Star Song

Posted October 10, 2014 & filed under Poem.

The sun rises in the

morning, and one star rises
in the night. It’s bright.

When it’s morning, the
star falls into the sea and
has a great trip
to the ocean. Every day it
travels to different
places and comes back in
the night.

I think you can hear the
star. It’s bright and
never stops singing.

By Yangle, age 10

I Cry Because

Posted October 9, 2014 & filed under Poem.

I cry because

happiness is a harder concept

to grasp than sorrow.

Sorrow greets me as an old friend,

fondly reminding me of my mistake.

We reminisce over a bottle

of melancholia and a plate of regret,

leaving me with yet another notch on my belt

of nights; And days I come to school

with blood-shot eyes and a quivering lip.

by Erick, 10th Grade

San Juan

Posted October 6, 2014 & filed under Poem.

It’s like a fortress.
In old San Juan
the conquistadors
used to be there.
There’s a port
with cruises.
You can smell
the sea. There are
a lot of shops
with vendors and
you can sometimes
see performers
with cockatoos
and parrots like
from Pirates
of the Caribbean,
blue and yellow.
And the cockatoo
is white with
a yellowish tip.
You also see
lots of stray dogs
and cats but not
too many. Some
places you can
feed the birds.
One time I held
out my hand
and a bunch
of pigeons came
and covered my
hands and head.
I’m glad they
didn’t poop.
And then there’s
the “morrow”
which is like
a giant field
with a fortress
by the sea.
At the morrow
you can fly kites
and do festivities.
Recently there was
a festival for cats
and dogs and there
were about sixty
animals. I couldn’t go
because I just got out
of the hospital.
There are many
old buildings, many
historical buildings.

by Victor, 11th grade


Posted September 23, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

I’m falling into this weather

like a leaf

I’m tumbling and floating

on air

It’s my favorite time of year

By Chelsea, 3rd Grade

Virgo Girl

Posted September 22, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

I’m a Virgo girl

a little self-centered and critical

picky about everything under the sun

annoyed by incompetence

skeptical about you, yes you

but you want me around

because I’m smart and practical

a storehouse of information

a powerhouse of energy

and yes, I can do it all,

on time and perfectly because

I’m a Virgo girl.

By Shelly, 7th grade



The Spider in My Heart

Posted September 16, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamed there was a spider
in my heart.
He was beautiful,
and he tickled me with his
eight tiny legs crawling up.
I felt so happy because
I finally had a brother.
He was red and blue
and smelled like honey.
He wove another heart,
deep, profound,
with his web.

by David, 3rd Grade

My Favorite Toy

Posted September 8, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

My favorite toy was a bird that could fly.
It was blue, red and yellow with a black beak
and its eyes were greenish blue.
Its feathers were soft and thin.
It looked real and could hatch eggs.
My parents gave it to me one Christmas.
It felt fluffy and could sing and talk.
I used to play with it all the time but then I lost it.
Some days I still look for it.
But where on earth has it gone?
I do not know,
maybe it was so real that it flew away.

by Emily, 3rd Grade

What I Saw this Morning

Posted September 2, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

I woke up,
and saw darkness.
When I got outside,
the sun was rising over the horizon.
My house,
the color of my skin.
The school’s fence,
as black as the dark sky.

by Jose, 5th Grade


Posted September 1, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

I work hard all day until

my head hurts

and my fingers cramp

and my brain aches.

I work until I feel

like I’ve been hit

by a train but

there’s always

more work to do.

Man, I need a


By Daniel, 4th grade

Welcome to the World, Baby

Posted August 28, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

My wish for you is to
Hear the noisy bumblebee buzzing
Feel the thickness of dough when making cherry pie
See the peace of nature
Smell the cinnamon pinewood on a holiday
Taste tart limes in tasty limeade

My wish for you is to
Learn to be yourself no matter what people say

My wish for you is to
Hear wind-chimes on a windy day
Feel softness of a special stuffed animal
See the strength of yourself
Smell the sweetness of desserts in a bakery
Taste the meat of a tasty coconut

My wish for you is to
Learn that you are you and nobody can change that

by Layla, 3rd Grade

Brand New Day

Posted August 25, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

It’s a brand new day

sun is up and so am I

hair in braids

shoes all tied

I’m ready to go

lunch is packed

backpack on

Mom’s been kissed

dog’s been hugged

butterflies are everywhere

It’s a brand new day

By Jordana, 4th grade

August Poetry and Essay Contests: Enter Today!

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Here is an announcement from Creative Communication, the headquarters for youth writing contests, about their SUMMER POETRY and ESSAY CONTESTS for students in grades K-12:

The purpose of our poetry and essay contest is to bring recognition to student writers. Winners share thousands in cash and prizes. In addition to the winning entries, other entries of high merit are accepted to be published in our hard-bound anthology. With the publication being regionally based, students are competing against their peers in both age and location. Within the guidelines of accepting less than 50% of the poems and essays that are entered in each contest, the contest is selective so that it is an honor to be accepted, yet not so exclusive that it is discouraging to enter. Unlike many other organizations who sponsor writing contests, there is no entry fee and no required purchase in order to become published. We take pride in the fact that our staff is comprised of teachers, professors and writers.

For each contest, the top ten entries in each grade division will receive a $25 check, special recognition in the book, and a free copy of the anthology that is created from the contest.

To find out more and to submit your work, click here. Good luck, Writers! The deadline is August 31st!