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Dear Friends,

Thank you for supporting the Many Voices | One Houston gala and providing students with an educational experience that will last a lifetime. The WITS story is best understood in the words of our students. Here are a few moments I will remember:

  • Aaron (age 9) revealed that he no longer needed a pet lion named Michelle Obama to go to dialysis with him at Texas Children’s Hospital. He’s gotten something even better, a new kidney!
  • Houston Poet Laureate, Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton introduced Houston’s new Youth Poet Laureate, Rukmini Kalamangalam (age 16), who said, “To me, writing has always been about love.”
  • Jemma Leech (age 21) shared her love of Creative Writing Camp. “For me, those two or three weeks each June channeled every hope, joy, frustration, and petulant rant into poetry and flash fiction, plays and even songs. WITS Workshops have been the highlight of my year, for the last eleven years.”
  • Daniela (age 8) offered inspirational words on how each one of us is a writer:
“Let the sounds of a poem kiss your soul.
Let words gallop to the limits and earn you
Glory for the gifts you never knew you had.”

WITS students are articulate, powerful, and authentic. If you weren’t able to join us at the Astorian, but want to help provide 3,500 children with the transformative power of WITS, it’s not too late. Whether the children you support become poets or engineers, artists or astronauts, the skills they learn in a WITS classroom will be crucial.

Thanks and all my best,
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Robin Reagler, PhD
Executive Director