I hear
the air conditioner.
It flows like the
wind.  It calms me
to sleep.  When it
stops I wake up.
It no longer blows
through the vents.
I get used to
this stillness in
about 30 minutes.
I hear
my dog crying
at night.  I don’t
Know why he cries.  I guess
it’s his loneliness.  So
I call his name:
Chewy.  And he
stops and goes
to sleep.  Again,

by Marco, 6th Grade

photo by Vanessa Guzan via flick

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  1. Andrea Cohen


    Not sure if you will remember me from long ago days in Iowa. But I recently met Mira Rosenthal up at MacDowell and she suggested I get in touch with you re: a new literary journal I have started at MIT. I am trying to get kids involved with it and she said that is up your alley these days.

    All best,


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