2 vasos con leche
10 dulces de M & M restok
4 patadas a la pelota de soccer
2 millas de terreno
11 jugadores
2 pedazos de esperanza
12 puntos
1 trofeo

Combina dos millas de terreno para correr.
No dejes tu equipo perder.
11 jugadores mezclados.
12 puntos ganados.
Nosotros somos los campeones!

2 glasses of milk
10 pieces of M & M candies
4 kicks to a soccer ball
2 miles of terrain
11 players
2 pieces of hope
12 points
1 trophy

Combine two miles with running.
Do not let your team down.
11 players mix.
12 points gained.
Champions at last!

By Juan, 2nd grade
[photo by Randombassist via flickr]

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