When I am bored, she sends cheetahs

so we can race.

When I am cold,

she wraps me all around with vines and leaves.

Whenever I am hungry,

she drops apples all around me,

or when I’m injured,

she grows medical herbs to heal me.

When I want to get refreshed,

she uses her long leaves and flaps them back and forth.

The wildlife is my mother,

my beautiful mother.

By Alexandro, 4th grade

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  1. Kratik Malhotra

    Great poem, I am speechless. good good 🙂 keep writing
    The image does well with the poem and gives it an essence worth reading.
    Very well written.
    Sarah, you know, when I read the title “This wildlife is my mother” I thought it must be another of those clichéd poem but no it wasn’t. In fact, it was so brilliant that I even decided to comment. Well done.
    Also, read my poem:
    Cheers 🙂


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