A poem is like a volcano trying to erupt.

A story is like a wild, unknown animal, yet to be discovered.

A play is like a crazy zombie apocalypse

Because zombies are dumb and funny, wearing crazy hats.

When I write, I feel like a maze that has a-maze-ing ideas.

When I write, I feel like a hero fighting for the weak and making them believe.

by Miguel, 2nd grade

2 Responses to “When I Write”

  1. Laurie Newendorp

    Dear Poet – Have you read Elizabeth Bishop’s poems? She would have liked your volcano as inspiration. She is a wonderful
    20th century poet – past. You can ask your friend Robin Reagler about her because she was in my classes- poetry – at the U of H.
    May all of you at WITS have a good summer. Stay cool and healthy! Laurie

    • wits

      Thanks for checking in, Laurie, and for reading Miguel’s poem. We hope to see you soon! Robin


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