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WITS Performance encourages self-expression and literacy among Houston’s youth through creative writing and performance. Professional performance poets work with teens during the school day and after school, helping youth explore and express their truths through writing and performance workshops. Public competitions and slams between the top young poets take place in the spring to elect the Meta-Four Houston team.
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Meta-Four Houston Team

Meta-Four Houston is one of the top slam poetry teams in Texas. Comprised of talented young performance poets, Meta-Four represents Houston at the annual Brave New Voices International Festival and showcases public poetry throughout our community. The Meta-Four Houston team received standing ovations at TEDxHouston and TEDxYouth.

  • Join the Meta-Four Houston Team— Calling all teen poets, rappers, and writers. The Space City Poetry Slam Series begins each January with free, public workshops and slams for youth ages 13-19. The series consists of preliminary slams, semifinals, and then the final Space City Grand Slam. The winners from each of the preliminary slams will compete at the semifinals to determine who will advance to the Space City Grand Slam on the main stage at Discovery Green. The top 6 winners from the Space City Grand Slam will then become Meta-Four Houston team. This team will compete both locally and nationally, at Brave New Voices, and represent Houston youth performance poetry.
  • Pop-up Performances  —  Grassroots poetry is popping up all across Houston in local festivals, food truck parks, and neighborhood hot-spots. If you are interested in scheduling a pop-up performance from the Meta-Four team, please contact the Meta-Four Coordinator for more details.

Poetry in Public Spaces

WITS is part of a dynamic literary movement and culture in Houston, stemming from the acclaimed Creative Writing program at the University of Houston and countless community writers. Because of WITS, many of these authors are employed in the creative sector of Houston’s economy, using their talents to benefit children, schools, and neighborhoods, democratizing the written word in schools. Each month a WITS student reads their original work aloud alongside acclaimed writers, such as the Houston Poet Laureate, through our partnership with Public Poetry.