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  The ocean writes notes to those who seek its majestic treasure of beauty. My future is swallowed by those who disturb its tranquility. Belief cries and sounds like a person’s heart being double crossed and tossed away. Monday is defeated by all the other days like the weakest god on Mt. Olympus being beaten… Read more »

I Can Write From

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  I can write from an arrow of fire of the cruelness of this world. I can write from a sword of ice of all the cold hearted people in our earth. I can write from a rainbow feather of the kindness of my people. I can write from a flower burning but not dying,… Read more »

What Is

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  Funny is when you see an animal that plays Music is a joyful journey through your heart. Writing is your imagination taking you to different places. Reading is a race to knowledge. Flowers are the smell of joy. Art is the imagination of a blank piece of paper.   By Cheyenne, 3rd grade  … Read more »

Guardian of Kids

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  My mom is the ferocious dragon Defending her egg on the lake. My mom is the queen of nature And defender of homes. She always lets me have The last piece of food at the dining table. My mom is the chef of all sweets in the world. She is the gatekeeper of perfume… Read more »

Yo soy (I Am)

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  Soy de México donde viven mis abuelos. Soy de las gotitas que me caen en mi cara. Yo soy de mi mamá que me abraza y me susurra cuando me duermo. Soy del sonido del canto de los pájaros. Soy del corazón de mi familia. Soy de donde la lluvia sale del cielo y… Read more »

RING Project Celebration at Cristo Rey Jesuit

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WITS has partnered with Cristo Rey Jesuit, HGO, Histrionix, and E-Line Media to bring the RING Project into classrooms. Through these partnerships and school based curriculum, Cristo Rey students are introduced to the power of myth and metaphor from the Norse myth and mythology that inspired Wagner’s Ring, films, and books which help nurture conversation about… Read more »


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  An island where only twins live in a seashell sea surrounded by sparkling water,   Huge, hundred foot waterslides that twirl in the air,   An elevator made out of wood and grass, Coconuts cut out on the inside so lights can shine like stars instead,   A black, gooey, squishy swamp where a… Read more »

The River Home

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  Home is a River Flowing perfectly in silence Like a big rock for support The waves crash against the Sand, washing away All obstacles in my way   By Maejon, 7th grade   Click the link above to listen to the poem read on KPFT radio by Alex Cweren, an 8th grader at Johnston Middle School For… Read more »

It Can Wait

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  I see what you’re trying to do I promise Many believe that words gave us life So you type and you swipe Your numbers and letters To give life to a maximum of 160 characters   In your driver’s seat You become the narrator But what is it worth If you can’t save the… Read more »


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  I hike up a rock as the sun shines on my freezing back I take a small step I taste the bitter air It is the morning sky I feel snow on my shoes The air feels sweet It hits my face A cactus pricks my leg I touch the dirty water of the… Read more »

Here and Now I Love You

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  Here and now I love you. You make the moon blue. You make my every wish come true. People   always want the sun to walk slower when you are here and the night to go by quickly so they can see you faster.   You love me so dearly. You’re scared when you… Read more »

Yo tengo un bello sueño

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  Yo tengo un bello sueño Sueño que estoy en una nave espacial y que viajo afuera en una galaxia. Sueño que no exista más la violencia y que exista la paz en el alma. ¿Que sueñas? Sueño con la noche y el corazón abierto al mundo. Mi alma esta flotando. Mi alma que me… Read more »

Happy National Poetry Month!

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Happy National Poetry Month! Today is the start of a Poem a Day, a month-long celebration of poetry by WITS students. Each weekday we will share a poem by one of our talented students here on the blog. You can also check out the poems via the WITS facebook, instagram, or twitter, and listen to the poems read by Johnston… Read more »

Night WrITerS – January 21st at Sparrow

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  Join Writers in the Schools for Night WrITerS on Wednesday, January 21st from 6-8 pm, for a free creative writing series for writers and writing hopefuls. With a dynamic youth performance poetry by Meta-Four Houston and an interactive workshop led by a WITS writer, Night WrITers is a fun happy hour in support of a… Read more »

#GivingTuesday Elaine Turner Shopping Event

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Give back this season by treating yourself to a night of fashion and glamorous styling, just in time for the holidays! Elaine Turner in Rice Village will host a #GivingTuesday shopping event on Tuesday, December 2, 6-8pm, with 20% of proceeds benefiting WITS. Enjoy complimentary sweets, sips, and snacks as you shop Elaine Turner’s fabulous collection of… Read more »

Work for WITS

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Come work with us! WITS is looking for writers and educators who can teach the joy of creative writing to young people. Employment is part-time, typically 2-6 hours of teaching one day a week from September – May. The pay is $60 per teaching hour. In addition to teaching, the job duties include preparing lessons, responding… Read more »

Paula Poundstone VIP Ticket Auction Benefiting WITS

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WITS is auctioning off 2 pit tickets to the Paula Poundstone comedy show on June 27th plus invitations to the VIP after party! Tickets in the pit section are officially SOLD OUT, and we have the last 2! Proceeds from this sale will help us send our performance poetry team, Meta-Four Houston, to the Brave New… Read more »


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Amo esa tierra linda que me dio la vida que me dio la existencia de nacer, Amo esa gente alegre ese buen ambiente ese buen placer en esta tierra naci en ella quiero morir, Porque en ella aprendi que la vida es elemento soy aire soy agua y metal, Aprendi con la lluvia del agua… Read more »

Death of a Star

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The sky booms a small yellow bright light as the beloved star dies. It lies still in its bedding of nothing. No sound, no little purr of an explosion, the star exploded into darkness. The star no longer stalks the sky. The star no longer scrapes its claws on planets. by Joaquin, 6th grade  … Read more »

Riddle Me This…

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Everyone loves a good riddle.  It works the brain.   Read This.     Now Try This:   Pick an animal or object or image and write a riddle poem. Choose three surprising or interesting clues to describe your animal or object or image, but don’t tell us the answer. Make us guess!