Congratulations to our Poetry Contest Winners

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the WITS + KPRC Local 2 Wax Poetic about Mom 2014 poetry contest. We had nearly 100 entries via facebook and email! We are happy to announce the judge’s choice as well as the people’s choice award winners. Congratulations to our judge’s choice winner Maddox for his poem… Read more »

My Freckles

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My under-skin has scars and scratches. My upper skin has bumps like raisins. My skin is covered with freckles that remind me of the circles on my paper.  Those circles remind me of the moon, and the moon reminds me of a soccer ball and the ball reminds me of my freckles. by Wesley, 4th… Read more »

Bringing Poetry to Life in Downtown Houston

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Writers in the Schools and GreenStreet have partnered to bring poetry to life in downtown Houston. GONZO247 has created a spectacular new mural using a poem by a WITS-Houston student. Join us on April 22nd at GreenStreet (1201 Main Street) from 12-1 PM for the unveiling of this work of art and for pop-up poetry performances… Read more »

Now you try!

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The Irish have a blessing that begins, “May the road rise to meet you/May the wind be always at your back/May the sun shine warm upon your face.” Read This.   Now Try This: Write a poem full of good wishes for a loved one.  Start every line of the poem with the phrase “May…” … Read more »

I Am From Tea

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I am from tea, from clarified butter and frying pans. I am from the stones that make up my kitchen floor, solid, Strong and cool beneath my bare feet.   I am from the yellow marigolds and orange And the jasmine that fills my nose and makes me dizzy. I am from coffee-colored skin and… Read more »

The Room of Peace

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Deep silence. Some parts darker than others, but all is silent. It is meant to be that way for meditation, praying and peace. Nothing is in your way to think: no yelling, no talking, no unexpected phone calls from the office. You think quietly and peacefully. No speaking now. It’s still, calm and restful. Echoes… Read more »

Self Portrait

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My hair black as ink It is rough or soft but they are so confused What to be My skin brown like a piece of wood. I am known for good art and outstanding talents. My birthmark is like a line like a letter L My height is small, but tall so confused what to… Read more »

Saturdays are for Writing

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Writers observe the world around them and gather ideas for writing from everywhere—the ground below, the sky above.   Read This:     Now Try This:   Choose an action verb such as weave, sew, flip, forge, glue, knit, breathe, build, hammer, burn, blow. Use this verb in the first line of your poem, such… Read more »

The Cowboys and Indians

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Sitting alone on the couch in the living room. Everyone outside mourning, comforting each other but not me there I was sitting alone on the couch. No one understood how much I wanted to be left alone. They kept coming in taking a seat next to me where you would’ve sat. I wanted to scream… Read more »

La Noche

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  Mi corazon late y late te pienso en mis sueños la noche es muy oscura tu imagen es bella eres linda el alma de mi corazon eres buena conmigo pequena dulce eres mia, amor tengo mucho amor tengo que amarte porque eres dulce tienes mucho frio estas bien en tu herida te encuentro coraza… Read more »

Student Poetry Contest Now Open!

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  Writers in the Schools (WITS) and KPRC Local 2 News have partnered to host the 2014 Wax Poetic about Mom student poetry contest. Students in grades K-5 are invited to submit their poems about Mom. Contest opens Wednesday, April 9th and will close at 11:59PM on Wednesday, April 23rd. Click here for complete rules and eligibility. PRIZES – The Grand… Read more »

I Wish

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I wish I had a bird’s wings so I could fly high in the sky, and meet other birds. But my mom would say, “No flying in my house or I will put you in a cage!” All my friends would laugh at me, so maybe that’s not right. I wish I had a fish’s… Read more »

Grab your pencil!

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Writers use words to share secrets, explore new ideas, champion a cause, connect with friends, experiment with language, argue a case, describe their feelings, entertain themselves, and more! Read This: Now Try This: List some reasons that YOU write. After you have a list, pick your favorite reason and expand on it. Turn it into… Read more »