Christmas Tree Tradition

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  The tree, Alone, Standing in the corner The middle of May Five months past Christmas Me My sister Begging for the tree to stay A bit more   It looks so graceful. It almost feels as if The tree My family We’re all glowing A deep soft warm Yellow shimmer In the spirit of… Read more »


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  A nine-year old girl Face light and smiling Yet a line of regret on her face Rushing to hug her mommy Laughing and laughing and laughing Because she is so relieved In the bright and beautiful shine of the sun A mother asking, shouting, “Where have you been?” In the familiar light Of her… Read more »

A Life Filled with Tenderness

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Dear friends, What does it mean to live a life “filled with tenderness”? Is it opening a door for a stranger, sharing lunch, lighting a candle? These grey winter days can feel overwhelming, as though we are being asked to do more than is humanly possible. And yet…. And yet I remember the days in… Read more »


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Run. Run and hide from the world and reality. Run until you are free of this world, of this place of laws and truths. Run until you find a place where anything could happen: the Narnia in your closet. Escape from judgement and the restrictions that come with it. Embrace the darkness, the morbidity. Let… Read more »

On This Porch

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  On my parents’ porch, I feel a gust of air as I walk out the screen door. Am I hot? Am I cold? No. I am just right.  But even here, there’s a twisted feeling in my gut, my long lost dog sits in ashes on the top shelf of my parents’ desk. The… Read more »


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The trees sway in the wind, dancing upon our eyes. The joy-filled kids swarm past us like a flock of angry geese. The mud bestows heavy layers of stains at the tips of my shoes, leaving them with a brown bumpy concoction. The blades of grass at my feet tickle my toes, while the mulch… Read more »

A Hungry Dog at Thanksgiving

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If I were the dog, at Thanksgiving I would say: That chopped liver smells good. I hope they drop some turkey. I want to taste that. I think I see dessert. This is so noisy. When is it going to be over? I think I like everything here. I will just jump on the table…. Read more »

A Travel Guide to My Heart

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  Welcome to hot, humid Houston. If you travel northeast, you might find a place I love most: my home. You can take a right and find a wonderful white house. It’s so special with my mom, dad, my 5-year old brother, Sam, my 8-day old baby brother, Shepard and my two dogs, Gus and… Read more »

Nadiyah’s Island of Cats

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If I had my very own island, it would be near Hawaii. What makes my island special is the fact that it has all the cats in the world. My mom, sister, grandparents, aunt and baby cousin live there. (No boys allowed, except for my grandfather.) My island has crystal blue water and white beaches…. Read more »

Minute Maid Park

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  Minute Maid Saturday! Five forty five  A.M. Screaming, booming Jose Altuve, Orbit, Carlos Correa Play games, eat ice-cream Two months! Happy. by Anthony,  2nd grade

Texas Teen Book Festival Hits Austin on October 7th

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The Texas Teen Book Festival brings nationally known YA authors from across the nation for readings, writing workshops by WITS’ sister program Badgerdog, and even a literary costume contest. Participants in the FREE event will get to meet Renee Watson, Jason Reynolds, Marie Lu, Adam Silvera, Jennifer Mathieu, and many more. WITS student Pearl R…. Read more »


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Summer melting into Fall a perfect morning letting the wind wash over you on the porch. Lime Ice reminds you that the sweaty days are over. You enter the realm of cool breezes. Gleeful children run through the streets laughing, returning home to dinner, garden fresh.   by Lila, 5th grade

Letter from the Director

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Dear WITS Family, Finally the rain has ended in Houston. The storm has affected each of us in some way, even those of us lucky enough to avoid flood waters. After five days of mad precipitation, the deluge transformed into mist and disappeared. That’s when I noticed my Instagram feed was populated with hundreds of… Read more »


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Death is not a tall figure dressed in black. It doesn’t have an intimidating black cloak or a skull for a face, and it doesn’t bear a scythe to kill you. We shouldn’t have to see Death as this monster, this scary, violent, ruthless monster. Maybe if we saw Death in a different light, not… Read more »

My Diary of the Human Form

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Day One The human form communicates with the mouth. Day Two The human form has a very round head. Day Three The human form has body types. Day Four The human form has different types of fun and toys. Day Five Their planet has grass. They have cheeseburgers and fries. They have weird names like… Read more »

The Warrior

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  The fire beside her was freshly Lit and crackling. He stood there, Above her sleeping body, Quiet and waiting, Waiting for her to awake from her Peaceful sleep. The last Dose of sunlight shone On her face. Before, he too, Went to sleep for the night, He stood there thinking, Thinking of what chaos… Read more »

When I Become President

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  I am going to help the world and make machines that make food for poor people. I am going to do everything that I can to give them money. I will make more money, help schools, help teachers, and help others. I will help insects and animals living on the street, help babies, help… Read more »

Meta-Four Houston Celebrates 10th Year

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At 7 p.m. on Sunday, half an hour before the Meta-Four Houston vs. Houston VIP Send-Off Slam was set to begin, the performance space at Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston (MATCH) was already nearly full of families, friends, and fans awaiting an evening of pulse-pounding, breathtaking poetry. The Send-Off Slam, part of a yearly… Read more »