My Heart

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My heart is the sea brushing on the rocks My heart is an invincible sumo wrestler My heart is Christmas morning over and over My heart is fierce, an unbelievable force It is all true because it is my heart. By Nelson, 3rd grade Originally published Dec 10, 2010.

Just Play

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Coach calls a time out. As we the team run to coach, the blur in my eyes, barely could hearing what he’s trying to say, trying desperately to see the words come out of his mouth, too embarrassed to say, “Coach, get me off the field. I’m not making a difference.” So then they call… Read more »

Hanukkah Poem

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Light the glittering candles Chant the ancient prayers Spin the colorful dreidels Eat the crunchy latkes Sing a holiday song Remember a Jewish miracle Tear open a hundred gifts! By Sam  

Stand Up & Vote

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When I’m old enough to vote, I’m going to vote with my feet, my head, my heart, my voice, my thoughts, my dreams. I’m going to vote like I mean it.   By Ni’cole, 4th grade

Grocery Poems

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What if food could talk? During April WITS showcases food-themed poems written by Houston students, reaching 600,000 customers at four H-E-B markets: Montrose, Buffalo Speedway, Bunker Hill, and San Felipe. So, as customers pick through apples, they read poems about apples. These students words make shopping a unique experience at H-E-B! The grocery poem project is made possible by H-E-B… Read more »

Where I’m From

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I am from El Salvador and the cold place, Washington D.C. I am from my mom’s stomach & the dirt I am from vegetable soup with a shrimp flavor, and vanilla ice cream When I was born I was made of dirt, trees, dogs, sun-colored horses, water, flowers & air I am from checkers, tag,… Read more »

A Hungry Dog at Thanksgiving

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If I were the dog, at Thanksgiving I would say: That chopped liver smells good. I hope they drop some turkey. I want to taste that. I think I see dessert. This is so noisy. When is it going to be over? I think I like everything here. I will just jump on the table…. Read more »

Some Spooky WITS Poems for Halloween

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Here are some favorite Halloween stories, poems, and essays written by WITS students. Black Black Cat Boom, Boom, Boom! Calabazas (Pumpkins) One Halloween Night Orange and Black The Sad Little Pumpkin [art by Niki via flickr]

Ode to Swimming Goggles

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The swimming goggles are my eye’s main facility. They are my eyes’. . . friend, armor, and weapon. They are my friend for showing me the wonders of the sea. You can stretch them to fit your head. You don’t want to expand them too much, or they will snap and die. They are my… Read more »

Pencil in My Hand

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I write to tell a story I write to run after my dreams I write to overcome problems I write to slide into the future I write to say who I am I write because there’s a pencil in my hand and a lot of ideas in my head and heart by Stan, 4th grade… Read more »


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Late at night, she sits outside her house, in her rocking chair, waiting patiently for me to arrive. Once I step into her kitchen, the smell of tacos, pozole, and tortillas fills my nostrils and when the food is finally done, everyone gathers around the table, but we must squeeze in, for our family is… Read more »

How To Be Brave

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Wear armor with a metal skirt Pop out your chest Wear black lipstick Say heroic things that make no sense Find a boyfriend and save him from a dragon Practice your British accent Rent a horse to ride Work out at the gym And finally, most importantly, wear lots of deodorant. By P.R., 4th grade… Read more »

The World

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The world never stays the same. Thunder flashes through the world. Flames roar upon the people. Darkness casts a shadow on us. Water rides fast horses up the world’s back. The world has grown, the old ways became paradise. The world hides every secret in the earth below us. Feelings are different for men and… Read more »


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You may cruise by on a hot summer day looking through the supermarket window, hearing old country music static slow. Seeing the old faded truck with torn interior, strolling down the old country road with high grass rising up to the top of someone’s toe. I drink the water slowly, smelling the air while it… Read more »


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Friday is the king of the week I wake up and jump out of bed My skin tingles My head jiggles Nothing will bring me down I will conquer this day I will run to meet it Nothing will knock me out Friday is here! By Josiah, age 9     Click the link above… Read more »

Poetry Contest for High School Students

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River Styx 2014 Founder’s Award The River Styx Founder’s Award is an annual poetry contest for high school students. Winner recieves $150 prize, with full scholarship to the Medina Workshop for High School Students. Submissions open now! Entrants may include up to five original poems on separate pieces of paper. Poems should be titled and should… Read more »

Stuff Mom Says

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Believe in yourself Pick up your clothes Hurry up! How was your day? Did you eat? Quit texting Are you listening to me? Give me your phone How was practice? Do your homework first Did you do your homework? Are you listening to me? It’s okay to be different It’s going to work out Believe… Read more »

Chop, Wham, Bam!

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Chop, wham, bam! That’s the way to start your day! You don’t need coffee. You don’t need sleep. Chop, wham, bam! Be your own energy drink. Be your own engine. by Franklin, 5th grade     Click the link above to listen to the poem read on KPFT radio by DioMarvellous Nsopor, a 7th grader at Johnston Middle School… Read more »

Monday Morning Courage

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Getting started today is going to take some muscles, like the kind you need to get through a triathlon. Getting started today is going to take some heart, like crawling on your knees to the top of Mt. Everest. Getting started today is going to take a miracle, like a bunch of miracles all tied… Read more »