Join WITS on Instagram Live this Thursday, August 6, at 5:30 PM Central for Write Here, for an interview with author Cameron Dezen Hammon. Hosted by Outspoken Bean, Write Here features interviews with WITS Writers from the past and the present. Cameron’s book, This Is My Body, has won numerous awards and gotten amazing reviews. Don’t… Read more »

a whisper, a sigh, a dream a sweet,  sweet hug a rainbow you see, after a cool rain a soft cloud, a white wind, a memory that lingers   By Thalia, 1st grade   Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

  Hope for the World (Inspired by a Mark Rothko Painting)   Anger, what has our world become? Pollution, smoking, and all sorts of bad Things. What has our world become? As Earth orbits the sun, as more time Passes, anger conquers our World. What has our world become? Look at our oceans. There’s trash… Read more »

Someone brought me a firefly. Sparkling and glittering like a yellow crystal. Looking like a star in the sky. Cool in your hand to see. It flies very fast and the buzz sounds like music. It tickles as it crawls on my arm. My heart turns into a flashlight. Someone brought me a firefly, and… Read more »

If I were the rain I would shimmy down into houses by leaks and chimneys for fun and because I feel like sliding on water slides. I would also like to drift in the ocean to clean up dirty waters.    If I were the wind I would fly over the clouds whistling a happy… Read more »

I looked up into the sky, And saw a young star. I asked the star to speak to me of freedom, And the star replied, Nothing in the world will ever be given to you, Gabe. Everything, you must fight for. You see…the world will put chains with locks on you… And everything you love…. Read more »

    Someone brought me a sunflower. Bright yellow like shiny gold. The fragile petals tickle my hand. My heart fills up with seeds starting to sprout. Someone brought me a sunflower  and I put it in my hair. By Helen, 2nd grade

    Anger, what has our world become? Pollution, smoking, and all sorts of bad Things. What has our world become? As Earth orbits the sun, as more time Passes, anger conquers our World. What has our world become? Look at our oceans. There’s trash As far as the eye can See. What has our… Read more »

Literacy is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Writers in the Schools (WITS) welcomes your support this #GivingTuesday (December 3, 2019).  You can donate via FaceBook or through the WITS website. Our thanks goes out to you!  

  For young writers, creators, rappers, and poets of Galena Park, we have an open mic for you. Join host Monica Davidson for an afternoon of truth and big moods. A writing workshop will be followed by an open mic. For more information, visit the WITS facebook page. What: Youth Workshop & Open Mic Who:… Read more »

Rain Poems: A Bayouth Collective Project By: Jackson Neal   The National Endowment for the Arts found in 2017 that poetry readership among 18-24-year-olds has more than doubled since 2013, jumping from 8.2% to 17.5%. This makes young adults the largest group of poetry readers in the United States. Young people aren’t just reading poetry… Read more »

Houston’s Youth Poet Laureate Jackson Neal shares a list of poetry reads to celebrate poetry year-round. From new releases to classics, here are some recommendations, hand-picked with descriptions from Jackson.   Ghost Of by Diana Khoi Nguyen Nguyen writes about grief and loss with such trembling brilliance. This work does not expel the ghosts, but… Read more »

Gracias   Gracias por las historias de fantasmas De animales y de marcianos. Gracias por lo mágico Porque es más de lo que podría creer Gracias por la música clásica. Porque me da una melodía hermosa Gracias por el cielo estrellado Porque cuando lo miro el me mira hacia mi Y me regala sentimientos Como… Read more »

National Poetry Month at WITS is about spreading the beauty of poetry across the city. In WITS classrooms, students are encouraged to write about what they love–and often, that means food poems! Food, like poetry, brings us together and allows us to express love. That’s why we partnered with six H-E-B locations around Houston to… Read more »

  How to Draw Me   I wish you to draw me well like a person sitting by a mountain. Make my face as precious as a bucket of jewels.   Make my body as strong as a bulldozer, and make my legs as fast as a helicopter wing going full speed.   Make my… Read more »

I Love You I love you so much that I eat thousands of hearts. I love you so much that I talk to butterflies. I love you so much that flowers bloom when I pass by. I love you so much that my soul changes color. I love you so much that I cry chunks… Read more »

AWP 2019 was a huge success! We had so much fun connecting with WITS Alliance members, hosting and attending dynamic panels and readings, and meeting writers from across the country. See some highlights from our time in Portland below! Panel highlights: Literary Changemakers: Representation & Visibility in the Writing World Panelists: Tina Cane, Suzi Garcia,… Read more »

Dear 14-Year-Old Valeria A poem for you:   Singing is your favorite melody. You found out what friendship means and where it lights up. Everyone and everything inspires you to keep moving on. So keep moving on. The day and night are your best companions. You see the world as not dangerous but as freedom… Read more »

WITS is celebrating National Poetry Month! Join us at our WITS events in April–we can’t wait to celebrate poetry with you! Use our hashtag #HoustonIsPoetry to connect with us on social media. April 7th: Space City Slam Grand Slam Watch as the most talented youth poets in Houston perform original poetry in front of a… Read more »