I Love You I love you so much that I eat thousands of hearts. I love you so much that I talk to butterflies. I love you so much that flowers bloom when I pass by. I love you so much that my soul changes color. I love you so much that I cry chunks… Read more »

AWP 2019 was a huge success! We had so much fun connecting with WITS Alliance members, hosting and attending dynamic panels and readings, and meeting writers from across the country. See some highlights from our time in Portland below! Panel highlights: Literary Changemakers: Representation & Visibility in the Writing World Panelists: Tina Cane, Suzi Garcia,… Read more »

Dear 14-Year-Old Valeria A poem for you:   Singing is your favorite melody. You found out what friendship means and where it lights up. Everyone and everything inspires you to keep moving on. So keep moving on. The day and night are your best companions. You see the world as not dangerous but as freedom… Read more »

WITS is celebrating National Poetry Month! Join us at our WITS events in April–we can’t wait to celebrate poetry with you! Use our hashtag #HoustonIsPoetry to connect with us on social media. April 7th: Space City Slam Grand Slam Watch as the most talented youth poets in Houston perform original poetry in front of a… Read more »

A poem is like when you blow a balloon, and the words go in its stanza or its room.   A poem is when clouds are in your brain and the raindrops are your thoughts.   A poem is when your mind turns to something really special. That is a poem.   -3rd grader, DeAnda… Read more »

WITS Writer Marcia Chamberlain shares this blessing: a 2nd grader wrote this beautiful poem for Mr. Sanchez, the custodian at Oak Forest Elementary.   May you always walk with pride. May you always dream of brooms and mops. May your friends have respect for you. May the wind push you on. May you never feel… Read more »

Winter in Houston isn’t usually snowy. Or cold. But Gia used her chilliest imagination to bring her readers into an icy winter wonderland. Snow Soft Winter Owl   It’s like a soft winter owl whispering through the sound of the wintery soft sky. The snow is like a soft, fluffy blanket floating through the frosty… Read more »

  Cuando veo a mi mama La veo en mi nombre y en mis ojos Cuando escribo mi nombre en el aire Espero y luego hay luces en el Cuando veo a mi papa me siento feliz Cuando veo tristeza Yo también tengo tristeza. Cuando mi mama hace la cena Yo huelo mi nombre en… Read more »

An autumn leaf looks like a boat a heart fire a lizard tail a broken-down rocket ship.   An autumn leaf smells like cinnamon vinegar pumpkin pie money rain dripping on the ground.   An autumn leaf sounds like a drum paper snowflakes Santa’s sleigh shhhh like snow is falling.   An autumn leaf feels… Read more »

Rusty gate at a farm, an old door creaking open. The floor squeaking, an old metal shed.   The haunted house, flickering lights, broken windows, furnace cracked, an abandoned cemetery.   A monster comes out a swamp that smells like sewage. It’s green, slimy. Its eyes are red.   The wind blows leaves, thunder and… Read more »

If Harvey were a girl, I would be so happy.  Harvey would be nice and cute and maybe she’d have a different name.  Her name would be Wendy, like the wind.  Her colors are pink and purple. Wendy is going to play with me.  I like Wendy. She is going to have a pet that… Read more »

Moon, why are you so bright? You show the stars the way through the night. You are the sand man’s face, in my pocket every place. You translate my dreams, and give me dreams of what you mean. Sing me a lullaby! Close my eyes enemy of the sun, mystery of the navy sky. I… Read more »

I was in Beeville for a five-day stay in May to cast the WITS magic in the sleepy south Texas town. Driving down the main drag, you become familiar with the population count (approximately 13,000), clearly marked as you enter then leave the city limits. Along with writers Autumn Hayes, Matty Glasgow, and Dinorah Pérez-Rementería,… Read more »

  A blank paper is not blank at all, it’s a balloon that floats me up into the sky. Up here, I can see everything. When I come back down, I grasp my pencil, kiss the paper. It cuts into what is blank and changes into an explosion of light. I see myself more clearly… Read more »

It was a perfect square. It had four matching corners And four equal sides. And it was perfectly happy… But on Saturday, the square was cut, crumbled, and snipped. So it made itself into a heart that beats, loves, and keeps me alive. By Raynisse, 1st grade Click the media player above to listen to the poem… Read more »

The shadow of whiskers like an invitation with the address missing. A fin like jellyfish but more tulle. Craterous tulle; black swan pirouetting on the moon. Tulle skirt with cigarette burn holes; laddered tights. Iron stain on tulle; muddy. Burned tulle drowned; Ophelia enters the water with her head split open. It sizzles. Light glinting… Read more »

  ¿Por qué las inmensas motos no van a Hollywood? ¿Cuál es la ballena ruidosa que siempre va a cantar? ¿Dónde dejó la rosa su dulce olor? ¿Hay algo más triste en el mundo que árboles muertos? ¿Quiénes gritaron de alegría cuando nació el color rosado? ¿Cómo logró su libertad la casita de la muñeca… Read more »

  Bones everywhere Bones fill my chest You hang bones in my closet I got sick and blew my nose with delicate bone So tired I slept and my bed was made of bones Drove to work in my car made of bones There are bones beneath me Bones blowing in the trees The chandelier… Read more »

white blossom flower alone with no one with you flying, going tree to tree with bees going to you drinking your nectar you are like velvet By Hifsa, 3rd grade Click the media player above to listen to the poem read on KPFT 90.1 by Rukmini, WITS Youth Advisory Council Student. The background music is “Flower Dance” by DDmyzik. … Read more »

  The ocean shouts out with all the courage it has. The ocean dives down with glory pounding in its heart. The ocean loves deeply with all its might. The ocean glows when the sun shimmers on its waves. By Elena, 2nd grade Click the media player above to listen to the poem read on KPFT 90.1 by Jackson,… Read more »