photo courtesy of pixabay Beauty is equal to living free in the air. You’re a horse running faster than lightning, Hitting the floor. Your feet are a hammer hitting a tube. Beauty comes from inside your heart. Someone is stealing from you, and you forgive them. Beauty is in nature. Ducks are singing, air whispering, “Relax.” Beauty… Read more »

photo courtesy of pixabay I see the sunset. The trees are blowing, and the leaves are flying. I’m lying down on a hammock. My brother is swinging with me and going back and forth, over and over. The soft silk of the hammock is like a sheep’s fur. I’m catching my breath. I see flowers bloom orange… Read more »

photo courtesy of pixabay Book, you are so special. You are old like my precious grandmother. Toy have been used so much that you’re almost falling apart.   Book, I see you in the library standing strong. When I open you, flip, flip, flip as my imagination turns on.   As I open you, your smell is… Read more »

photo courtesy of pixabay Listen to what I have to say My voice rumbles like thunder My voice sings like a bird I am so powerful My words will melt all the lies The world will learn about my truth Listen to what I have to say I can change the world   By Trish’ia, 6th grade… Read more »

It’s National Poetry Month, and students in grades 5-12 are invited to enter the Dear Poet Competition this April. Students respond in the form to one of a select group of poetry videos, including the one above by Juan Felipe Herrera, the US Poet Laureate.To enter, email your letter to [email protected] by April 30, 2016. Winners will… Read more »

photo courtesy of Spring is coming, winter files are closing. I feel the sparkling beauty with shimmering, warm winds over the hilly hills in California. The clock is ticking till spring is coming. Now the horses are trotting with glee. No chilly winds anymore. The butterflies are sipping warm nectar. The moonscape is coming home. Hello, moonscape. The seasons are coming and going… Read more »

photo courtesy of Splashing, lashing fighting the angry storm with all her might. She leaps over the stars and slays him with one mighty blow. Then all was peaceful and calm, she sought that she ought to be separated, so there would be no slaying unless needed, to slay the next strongest storm. Her… Read more »

Middle and high school students from the surrounding Houston area are invited to participate in the 2016 Watershed Awareness Student Contest! The theme is Our Bayous, Our Pollution. Houston- area bayous and waterways lead to Galveston Bay in turn affecting the Gulf of Mexico and its Flower Garden Banks. Help raise awareness about our local watershed and bring attention to the importance… Read more »

photo courtesy of I never liked knowing that words are limitless. I always like to pretend that stars that left particles in the air were nothing more than tombstones lost to infinity   I never liked thinking that romanticism was the only type of poetry You say that the two are inseparable, but I… Read more »

Mi corazón es como un mapa repleto de sueños y lágrimas. Mi corazón es un lugar donde todos pueden hacer amigos y amarse mutuamente. Mi corazón es donde los arrendajos azules cantan en un día soleado de verano. Mi corazón es un lugar donde puedes subir las montañas y sentir la fresca brisa en tu cara Mi corazón… Read more »

photo courtesy of Two days ago in a white fluffy dress the air was so strong that my dress lifted and twirled the wind. It was not just any wind, it was my friend the wind. The wind was my friend because it was singing a song, it smelled like roses all over again…. Read more »

What if food could talk? During April WITS showcases food-themed poems written by Houston students, reaching 600,000 customers at four H-E-B markets: Montrose, Buffalo Speedway, Bunker Hill, and San Felipe. So, as customers pick through apples, they read poems about apples. These students words make shopping a unique experience at H-E-B! The grocery poem project is made possible by H-E-B… Read more »

Congratulations to our 21 youth performance poets who will be competing in the Space City Slam Semifinals tomorrow, Saturday, April 9th at 12pm and 3:30pm at Meca Houston (1600 Kane St Houston, TX). 12pm Slam Donald Benji Caleb Biz Calvin Marcus Ashley Jadon Addison Joyane 3:30pm Slam Adam Rukmini Avon Ashlyn Madison Kronic Writer Hailey David… Read more »

photo courtesy of When I was born, the doctors taught me how to drink straight out of a sippy cup. My voice sounded like a grown man’s. I was outstanding. When I turned one, I could ride a motorcycle and drive a Ford Mustang. I was so strong that whatever I touched would break…. Read more »

photo courtesy of “Ahooooooo!” the wolves howl, transitioning from evening to night. The snow stays cold, with a cool, chilly breeze and howling as we go to sleep. The house starts to get cold as we snuggle up with our blankets. As we sleep, it is very quiet very peaceful, in our countryside. The… Read more »

photo courtesy of   We are built gray today. Gray as the night sky. Many hard times face your dreams. But keep moving forward, don’t let your spirit down. Times may face you when you want to give up. You feel like you’re in a cell. But keep your spirit high, never let it down. Move ahead, accomplish,… Read more »

photo courtesy of She was in the dark meadow, She saw a beautiful big brown wolf with shiney, silky fur. She saw its shining brown eyes as they twinkled in the moonlight. She neared it from the corner of the beautiful meadow. She saw its eyes full of worry when she neared it by… Read more »

In honor of National Poetry Month Huffington Post recognized 10 amazing Latino performance poetry artists, including WITS writer Zachary Caballero. Check out their videos here!  

photo courtesy of   Fly free. Flap your wings free. Be content with your natural beauty. Remember your place among all living things. Enjoy the view! Dance in the breezes Be colorful. Shine! By Jennifer, 3rd Grade Click the media player above to listen to the poem read on KPFT 90.1 and KTRU 96.1 by Andrew, a WITS Youth… Read more »

  Be on the lookout Poets are everywhere The red bird chirping on the wire The pit bull barking at a friend The trees whispering in the breeze Boots scraping on the sidewalk Me, singing in the shower By Dashiel, 5th grade Click the media player above to listen to the poem read on KPFT 90.1 and KTRU… Read more »