This spring I met a cool high school teacher at a writing conference who supervises an online forum for young writers. If you’re are a student who’s interested in either creative writing or subversive approaches or both, check out MAHC today. MAHC is a community that couldn’t be much more diverse. It includes: Journalists, photographers,… Read more »

Emerald Green, I adore you When the wind blows, you shake When we jump, you land first I want to sing, “You’re everywhere around me, making my heart want to burst!” You’re on the trees I always climb You’re on the grass I lie in You grow on me You make me smile everywhere I… Read more »

Frodo’s Notebook publishes exceptional writing and art online by kids ages 13-19. If you’re interested in submitting to this journal, read several back issues to get a sense of the kind of work that they publish. The details of how to make your submission are here.

Power to begin can inspire a whole new thing. You can taste the good life anytime you want. by Philip, age 13 Texas Children’s Hospital

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great leader. He helped black people. He said everyone should be nice. He reminds me of my grandma. She says, “Don’t fight. Be nice.” I have a black friend named Brianne. We play together. Someday I hope everyone will play together. by Caesar. age 6 Texas Children’s Hospital… Read more »

Dav Pilkey wrote many books that kids love–The Paperboy, Dog Breath, and Captain Underpants. Dav Pilkey’s Extra-Crunchy Website O’ Fun is filled with hilarious flip-o-ramas, free video, music and avatar downloads, jokes and riddles, and you can also create your own animated e-card. Oh yeah, insights into Pilkey’s writing process are included, too.

I love going to the beach in Galveston. I like to walk in the sand. It feels like quicksand, like I’m sinking. Sometimes I bury my feet in the sand. The water is brownish and the waves aren’t very high. I walk out a little way, but not too far. Sometimes I think a crab… Read more »

My fish live in my house. They blow bubbles all day long. They breathe through their gills quietly. I feed them with a little, tiny spoon. They don’t make any noise when they swim, but all together they look like a rainbow – orange, red, yellow, brown. They’re friendly fish. I know because when I… Read more »

Spinning around like a tornado twirling. I could go on smiling for a long, long smile. WATCH OUT! I love my mom and dad. by Bria, age 8 Texas Children’s Hospital [photo kwisatc via Flickr]

El sol me sorprende, es un diamante gigante. Es una canica flotante. Es una semilla, es una estrella gigantesca. El sol es misericordia que me seguira todos los dias de mi vida.   — The sun surprises me. It’s a giant diamond, a floating marble. It’s a seed, a giant star. The sun is mercy… Read more »

I am from spaghetti and meatballs and a place where you can sit with your family and talk without feeling uncomfortable. I am from a house that stays with Clorox, detergent, Tide, and everything you can think that helps keep a house clean. I am from the sun, because when you are in my bedroom,… Read more »

I feel surrounded I feel relaxed because the forest is very silent. The sight is beautiful. The trees are big. I feel as if I shrunk. I see a bird. It lands on my arm. I touch it and I realize that this is the perfect place to be yourself and to feel freedom. I… Read more »

One of the cool things about being a kid these days is that your can find your favorite writers on the web. Roald Dahl’s site is filled with funny surprises, including a selection of revolting recipes and even a glass elevator. It’s not all fun and games. There’s real information available on author websites as… Read more »

Dear Ocean, You hit me all the time with all your natural strength Most of the times when my friends come over, you steal their sandals or their jewelry and take ’em with you. After dawn, your bones are scattered everywhere. Seems like you work hard overnight. People seem to think about you as pleasant,… Read more »

Voices from my Past Scream my name and bring back all my pain. Waters of truth flow through my mind. Open your eyes, I’m not fine. The glitter of danger has caught my eye and the voices of my past continue to scream and cry. Look at me, I’m fighting to be free. Desperate and… Read more »

Rider University is sponsoring its 28th Annual High School Writing Contest. Here are the details. PRIZES IN EACH CATEGORY 1st-$100 2nd-$50 3rd-$25 All Finalists will receive a Certificate of Honorable Mention All winners will be considered for publication in Venture, Rider’s literary magazine CATEGORIES ESSAY: Write a personal essay, labeled ESSAY, on a topic of… Read more »

Lions come from Africa. People Around the world like to venture The world and see lions. Lions Are one of the strongest Large cats in the world. Lions Also have great night vision And sometimes eat elephants When there is no food and When they are very hungry. I think when I am older that… Read more »

Two parents, two kids: the average, American family. Grandma has a stroke and moves in. Dad gets fed up and moves out. Mom meets Rick, a systems analyst for a large corporation. Dad meets Candy, the lingerie model with the large…never mind. Grandma meets Abe. He likes to soak his teeth in your science project…. Read more »

When I write, I imagine. I use my heart. I listen to my soul-mind. When I use my hands, I smell your pencil. When I touch the tip of the pencil, I write words. I imagine things I want to do. I can write a story. I listen to myself. I feel free. by Nathan, … Read more »

What is the Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest? Since 1962, this contest has been sponsored by Hollins University and awards prizes for the best poems submitted by girls who are sophomores or juniors in high school or preparatory school. What are the prizes? First place (one winner) $200 cash prize Free tuition for the two-week creative… Read more »