The color pink makes me wink! I think about it all the time. It’s not a lime! It’s pink, of course. Not a horse! Just pink. Blink! by Sarah, age 7 Texas Children’s Hospital

Oh, have you ever trifled with a juicy tree treasure? Oh, have you owned an orange orb? Oh, have you conjured a clementine, With all its juicy jumble? The delicate flavors tango on the tongue, spraying their supple sweetness. Tangy but tart tree treasure from the earth— the Courageous Clementine! by Jacob, 3rd grade

Last year I used to get dirt in my eyes. I used to miss the ball. I used to get hit by the ball. I used to fall down. I used to hit my head. I used to go the wrong way. I used to stare at people. I used to run out of breath…. Read more »

In this feature article, The Houston Chronicle spotlights the WITS Summer Camp. Five-year-old Isabella’s writing assignment, hanging on the classroom wall for the world to see, vividly described how angry the little girl was when her mother threw out some toys at the start of the summer. Her mom, Jonett Miniel, couldn’t have been prouder…. Read more »

I will put in my box A giant greenish-blackish tree Sparks from a pistol The cries of thousands of people I will put in my box The founder of Pakistan The books of the year The uniforms of people who died in wars I will put in my box A beautiful day of Independence A… Read more »

I always wanted to go somewhere where there were no poachers and we could rest more and not get eaten by lions. I always wanted to be the Emperor of China and I would banish all of the poachers and send them to Madagascar. by Sydney Katherine, 2nd grade

During the summer I would ride my bike every day. As I got on my bike I enjoyed riding my bike down the streets. The wind was a small detail of my daily bike rides. I thought of it as a refreshment. The breeze on my face was calming and nice. As I rode my… Read more »

Go inside a raindrop where it is cold. I see a rainbow down the smooth side. As the rain falls, I jump up and down inside the raindrop As the rain falls, I hear loud thunder. I jump rope to calm myself down. As I scream, I hear my loud echo answering back to me…. Read more »

Si te metes por la puerta, las flores están hechas de paletas, y los árboles son como conos de color rosa. Si te metes por la puerta, las nubes están pintadas de color negro, y hay un arcoiris entre ellas, la montaña es de dulce, y de color rosa. Si te metes por la puerta,… Read more »

Wynton’s eyes see the night in a whole different dawn, Walking his dog with his headphones on. Listening to the music that takes his mind away, Not into the night, but a whole new day. Ignoring the world that continues to die, Sad-hearted people harmoniously cry, But not Wynton Macklin in a world all his… Read more »

Fuel My Blog featured A Poem a Day as their blog of the day on Saturday. Woo hoo!

She is bleeding. It looks like she’s angry. She’s probably mad at her husband. She doesn’t look like she’s in pain. She’s letting the bird hang on her neck. She looks like she got out of a wreck. The thorn branches represent her anger. The monkey is messing with one of the branches. The cat… Read more »

The Houston public school district (HISD) recently showcased the WITS Summer Camp on its site. Here’s how the story begins: A blank page is not exciting to most people, but to a writer it signifies that anything is possible. Writers in the Schools (WITS) is a private, nonprofit organization in Houston that offers creative writing… Read more »

Hope is like a perfect day to have a picnic. Hope is like an ice cream sundae. Hope is like a milk chocolate bear that melts in your mouth. Hope is like having a good secret waiting to burst. Hope can be a good thing gone bad. Hope can be something bad turned good. Hope… Read more »

Love looks like a hug or a juicy kiss. Love feels like a warm cuddling hand. Love sounds like “I love you.” Love tastes like a cake. Love smells like a bird. Love is important! by Larry, 2nd grade, WITS Summer Camp

Roadrunner Unable to speak, except For the occasional, “beep, beep!” watch others as they watch me. Escaping Wile E. Coyote’s futile attempts to catch me, and backfiring his plans, with all the perilously placed boulder, and exploding dynamite. Too bad he never calculates correctly. Listening to the children’s and a few adult’s Laughter, while Coyote… Read more »

The Scent of this City I am just a stranger walking in different directions. I go up, I go down, whichever way. My reflection is lost and clouded by urban smog The scent of this city is sticking to my skin. I fight to take clean breaths and realize I am sinking to my surroundings…. Read more »

Her face is soft, but worn to bone From years of salt and sea. Her eyes, the hue of crystal ice, She never can be free. All day, she lies upon her throne, Dreams of formless sands. The pearls she catches in her hair She clasps within her hands. Her smile, cold, her teeth, pale… Read more »

I am like a flower that grows into what it becomes and moves on. I like to play, run, and all kinds of things. I am like Benjamin Franklin fulfilling his dream and doing what I want to do and being what I want to be. I am not an empty blank page that no… Read more »