On the Other Side I walked into a tunnel of blue light and on the other side I saw a world where mothers hold babies, where muscle men fall down, where ships fly, where men take care of men, where there is a castle, where cats cry out loud, where women have wings, where birds… Read more »

I. On a royal blue day I feel like I am king. I wear a long velvet robe and sit on a throne under the stars. II. Green, oh, Green! Green days make me want to sleep on a bed of seaweed and hop from lily pad to lily pad. III. Brown is gooey. It’s… Read more »

The winds Are the many boyfriends you’ve had. They come breezing through Your path, blowing you away. They are different each time. Light and snappy Or Heavy and lingering. They come and go, But not as you please. by Lisa, 10th grade

You’re dangerous and perfect all in one GET REAL You know big things about the beautiful world. by Timothy, 7th grade

Poetry — it is something special, something that lets me know I’m safe. When I start to write poems, I think of something warm, soft, and cuddly. I think of things I can say to let other people know that they are also safe. But there is something very weird about poetry and me, because… Read more »

One day I was babysitting my little cousins, Jahlil, Naigwan, Zayna and Elija. My uncles and aunts had gone to a movie. They didn’t want to take their children, so I had to baby-sit them which at first I didn’t think was a very good idea. It was going to be a long evening for… Read more »

I’m from the sopa de arroz, caldo de arroz, y atole de arroz smells coming from the kitchen. I’m from “You’re it” and “No, you are!” outside. I’m from the buzzing bugs attracted to flowers, babies crying in sync, and big books in disarray. I’m from my grouchy, old-fashioned, grumpy granny and my irresponsible, regretful,… Read more »

There is a man walking in the rain Looking in every building he passes Hoping to belong somewhere But being kicked out of every place he goes And where he is accepted He is abused Not in a nasty way But the way he shouldn’t be As the man walks he says to himself “I’m… Read more »

Tanka The flowers bloom. Mist departs from the growing tree. Ice softens into cool water. The sun arrives like an orb of light As the branches grow, piercing the day. The trees grow from saplings. The leaves redden like blood. Loud sounds come slowly As the trees sing their mournful song When the wounds get… Read more »

a blessing for Mom May you hold the flame of fire in your hand So that you shall stay strong. When someone has gotten you upset Just look at the flame of fire. It will help you look at it differently. When the world turns its back, Just turn your back. You are strong enough… Read more »

I dream with open eyes of my Gramamá at night and evening. I feel she is hugging me. It seems she is gone. She is and I see her night and day in the mirror where she brushed her hair and put makeup on. I like the way she did that. Her bed still smells… Read more »

To My Mama To my mama, I would like to say . . . before you or I die to keep it real with me, day by day. To my mama, I would like to say . . . I apologize for not being there for you when you needed me most. The hurt I’ve… Read more »

The elementary school students gave a fabulous performance last night. Join us tonight to hear the middle and high school kids. You can pick up a free copy of Blooms too. Here are the winners who will be featured: Mahid Aulakh Darryl Wayne F. Beronque Joshua Davies Malkie Feigenson Alyssa Flores Paul Hussmann Adina Lapine… Read more »

These young authors will perform their work at The Menil Collection tonight, May 7, at 7 p.m. Cathleen Freedman Brian Jackson Stone Lack Raphael G. Leonard Jasmine Ortega Jeanette Rodriguez Christian Aguilar Armani Artis Fadila Farag Isabella Ferguson Emily Fox Rut Gonzalez Zoe Lovelace Oren Pazgal Randolphus Price, II Grant Schneider Sydney Katherine Schultz Briceyda… Read more »

This is the season. All WITS writers are helping students select their best work, revise and edit it, and (finally!) publish it in a class anthology. Check out “Picking up a Spider” by Juan Montes. He has been working with WITS Senior Writer Giuseppe Taurino this year. Here’s the story by Juan: On a late… Read more »

Writers in the Schools (WITS) presents the Young Writers Reading Series next week. Over 100 student writers from the Houston area will gather to share their work with the community. The readings will be held at The Menil Collection on Monday and Tuesday, May 7 and 8. Each night there will be a special guest… Read more »

Thank you for participating in the Writers in the Schools A Poem A Day program. We hope that you have enjoyed reading poems by WITS students during National Poetry Month. Please leave comments on your favorite poems. The students will really appreciate your positive feedback. If you’d like to make a donation to keep the… Read more »

The boy skips along the beach In his paradise. He stops and watches the foaming waves In his paradise. A crab scuttles around his feet In his paradise. The water laps against his toes In his paradise. The sand is his castle now In his paradise. He’s the king of all the beach In his… Read more »