Mi nombre Mi nombre es como una mariposa volando en el cielo por las mañanas shhh shhh. Mi nombre se ve como el lápiz de mi hermano que apenas sabe escribir oraciones. Mi nombre suena bs bs como una abeja amarilla. Mi nombre huele como una banana grande que me comí en la casa de… Read more »

He is night black and coffee brown. He is very thoughtful. Every time I’m sad, he cheers me up. With his big, dark eyes, he brainwashes me into giving him a treat. When I go home to my dog my dog turns home into heaven. He is very old and has a lot of wisdom…. Read more »

I am anything I want to be. My arms are made up of the seven wonders of the world. My tears are tsunamis. I have power beyond everyone’s imagination. I invented the best creation known to man: plastic. If I went to lunch every day, there would be no spoon high enough for me. I’m… Read more »

When my eyes leave me they see everything around me. They turn hybrid colors. They play the game marbles and always win. They buy themselves bling bling and ring up my credit card bill. Then my eyes get on a spaceship and go to another planet. And on that planet there are millions of eyes…. Read more »

A long time ago kids could walk on the ceiling and birds went to school and cats chased dogs, dogs chased mice, and they could fly. One day the kids grew wings. The sun fell onto the ground, and the kids flew up to the moon and told the moon that she was the shiniest… Read more »

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A Poem A Day is a project by Writers in the Schools (WITS) to celebrate National Poetry Month (April). WITS selects a poem by one of our student writers to represent each day of the month and shares that poem with the community through this blog, via e-mail, and by displaying the poems in local… Read more »