(Inspired by René Magritte’s The Healer (Le thérapeute), 1967) Oh, Mary, oh Mary, what do I do? I have a rib cage—a real cage, too! Birds are inside me. I’m like a jar! I have a bag full of seed for the birds I feed, but the birds will never—oh never!—come out! Even the times… Read more »

My voice is a whorly wind picking up houses, Toto, and Dorothy, whipping through the calm night sky. A strong storm is my soul, sweeping through towns and sloshing colors everywhere I go. Most times, my imagination is the beginning of the universe, the big bangs of colors spewing colors, making planets and sun. The… Read more »

              Visitors can visit H-E-B locations in Montrose, San Felipe, Buffalo Speedway, and Bunker Hill for a chance to see these special pop-up poetry installations during the entire month of April. Written by WITS students, these poems celebrate the everyday, from the dreamy quality of eating a pizza to… Read more »

  Red can be a highway that leads to glory, love, fame, and family. Red can be a door to a whole other world! Red can be as sweet as tomatoes, as happy as an apple. Red can be anything you choose it to be. It can be as small as a mouse or as… Read more »

My father was born where the insurmountable skyline assaults the sky. My mother was born in the wagons of the desert. I was made with two rhythms and one tune to create a symphony of imagination. My child will make her own world. I am the moonlit laughter tinkling through the air like bells. By… Read more »

  O pizza, your tomato sauce tastes like dreams. The peppers, the mushrooms—oh, I like those! O my pizza, then you go in the oven, it is more than dreams. It’s as beautiful as a rose blooming. Your taste is like art class. Imagine the beautiful red paint as the tasty delicious tomato sauce. Imagine… Read more »

  You are the face of wisdom, and the stairs to clouds. You are history not discovered. Also, you are the heaven              light. I am grass in wind, I am a bird                     climbing a tree. You             are          not          the bird falling, but I am. You are not the fish, no never could you                         be the… Read more »

Underneath my leather blazer is my dark purple buttoned down shirt Underneath my purple buttoned down shirt is my grey and red shirt Underneath my gray and red shirt is my caramel skin Underneath my caramel skin are my strong muscles Underneath my strong muscles are my strong, thin bones Underneath my strong, thin bones… Read more »

Ve, nieve mía, y a mi mamá desea lluvia en el cielo, una corona de cristal, una perla de agua, una casa de anillos, una maravillosa vida en su corazón y un poema en la hoja. Aquí soñaré para siempre y mis ojos buscarán. Aquí está el verano, aquí las flores. Esta es la tierra… Read more »

  The puppies glide across the land of song All of them pearling and swirling and whirling for the existence of music is a trance the extraordinary cells of the song are unstoppable the curiosity continuing is enough and the waves of music rage on like a clock waiting to strike upon the end as… Read more »

  Love cries out with joy. Infinity multiplies forever. The Earth gets dizzy from spinning. My friend loves me. All of these ideas make my heart zoom! By Isabelle, 1st grade Click the media player above to listen to the poem read on KPFT 90.1 by MacKenzie, WITS Youth Advisory Council Student. The background music is “High-Speed Racing” by… Read more »

  My mind explodes with anger. My mind shatters like glass. My mind cries for help. My mind crumbles into bits. My mind burns like lava. My mind gallops like a horse. My mind mesmerizes everything. My mind juggles the air. My mind dives into a black hole. My mind turns into ash. My mind… Read more »

Open to young Texas writers, from rising 7th grade through rising 12th grade! Free to apply. Deadline to submit is May 18, 2018. Hosted by the Texas Book Festival (TBF), the Fresh Ink Fiction Contest encourages middle and high school Texas students to submit a piece of original fiction, no more than 2,000 words in… Read more »

  I. I, the youngest jalapeño in the Godinich Garden, have seen exactly 70,562,712 dewdrops topple off my olive green leaves. II. My predators above wait till my body is ripe enough to harvest and consume me for supper. III. My leaves will shrivel to show I’m declining. A nip in the air shows no… Read more »

  As vast sunbirds burn, Mother Violin maps her lines. The bizarre, dramatic, air-dive changes my life, as design eyes paint vivid pictures in my mind. What a strange world. What a strange world. Invisible toes skip, and waves follow them, too. Hair waltz, snow waltz, Strange. Breathtaking, fuzzy animals hike. They hug, and kiss,… Read more »

I am seed I am small, but powerful I am born of fire & water of desert & ocean of la tierra de los Aztecas y la jungla de Veraguas Of parents with humble beginnings to give me a beginning better than theirs I am a tree trunk foundation My foundation is divine, residing in… Read more »

A perfect opportunity for high school students to work one-on-one with a professional writer! Deadline to apply is May 1st. Now in its sixth year, The Adroit Journal’s Summer Mentorship Program is an entirely free and online program that pairs experienced writers with high school and secondary students (as of the current academic year) interested… Read more »

Lizards skitter around my feet A bee sings its song and sips from a sunflower Gravel crunches under my sandals Flowers of all colors flutter through the air Grass tickles my ankles Twigs snap as I stroll Mud begins to coat the rubber of my shoes Even dead logs are swimming with life Hammocks sway… Read more »

Each year, the WITS Alliance travels to a different city to highlight the importance of creative writing in the classroom and in civic life at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Conference, a gathering of over 12,000 literary professionals. From March 7 – 10, the WITS Alliance sponsored six panels, one meeting, and… Read more »

This Spring Break, join WITS as we offer fun and innovative programming throughout the week!   Writing Workshops at Spring Break at Discovery Green Monday, March 12 – Thursday, March 15 | 2pm-3pm HPL Express Free   Writing Workshop at Let’s Be Friends Monday, March 12 | 10am-12pm Holocaust Museum Free with admission   WITS… Read more »