You are reading the blog of a woman who has been through five small earthquakes and did not feel a thing, yet when the American Corners was full of both the early morning kids and the afternoon kids, doing the plays that they themselves wrote, it seemed chaotic.  The U.S. Embassy sent its best and its… Read more »

Yesterday the United States Ambassador to Macedonia came, with the mayor of Bitola, to give out the awards to the children who are completing the Creative Writing Camp.  Today we did a new assignment that basically uses chopsticks to create a proclamation of the rights of children. We glue the chopsticks to a paper that… Read more »

I am beginning my third and next-to-the-last day in Bitola, and it has been wonderful. The kids have done great writing, and we are working after they leave to create the anthology of their works combined with pictures of the class and the teachers. There is a very efficient Peace Corps Volunteer named Patrice who… Read more »

Yesterday morning I found presents for my trip away from Tetova waiting at my hotel. I can hardly say enough about how kind these follks were to me.  I left Tetova and took a wonderful three hour ride passing close enough to Lake Ohrid (German archeologists have determined that it is one of the three… Read more »

After both classes of creative writing students and our adventure up to the Kale or fortification and discussions with the archeologists, I returned to Skopje yesterday evening for an embassy party.  There I met many senior embassy officials and rode into town with the director of the Tetova Theatre.  We had such interesting conversations about… Read more »

Today is the third day of the Creative Writing Camp in Tetova, and it is going very well indeed. As you may have gathered, we are using the same curriculum for each four-day program, although tweaking is necessary, both to incorporate lesson learns and to adjust to the new group at each site. The students… Read more »

Here I am in the mountains near the Kosovo-Albanian-Macedonian border, and I am teaching creative writing at the American Corners in Totova.  This morning we had 14 students in the group and almost all of them speak and write Albanian.  They come from several of the villages in the mountains that live by an ancient… Read more »

Belgrade is called the white city, probably because of the whiteness of the Ottoman Empire fortifications against Bulgars, Hungarians, early Serbians and others who would have liked to control and tax the trade at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. I have been here for three days, and they have been more than… Read more »

This week the US president is in Slovenia. Next week: WITS Writer Merrilee Cunningham! Merrilee will spend three weeks of her summer vacation bringing creative writing to students in Macedonia and Slovenia.  This international WITS expedition was organized by Amy Storrow, a Department of State member who is stationed in Skopje, Macedonia.  Amy was the… Read more »