I am seed I am small, but powerful I am born of fire & water of desert & ocean of la tierra de los Aztecas y la jungla de Veraguas Of parents with humble beginnings to give me a beginning better than theirs I am a tree trunk foundation My foundation is divine, residing in… Read more »

A perfect opportunity for high school students to work one-on-one with a professional writer! Deadline to apply is May 1st. Now in its sixth year, The Adroit Journal’s Summer Mentorship Program is an entirely free and online program that pairs experienced writers with high school and secondary students (as of the current academic year) interested… Read more »

Lizards skitter around my feet A bee sings its song and sips from a sunflower Gravel crunches under my sandals Flowers of all colors flutter through the air Grass tickles my ankles Twigs snap as I stroll Mud begins to coat the rubber of my shoes Even dead logs are swimming with life Hammocks sway… Read more »

Each year, the WITS Alliance travels to a different city to highlight the importance of creative writing in the classroom and in civic life at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Conference, a gathering of over 12,000 literary professionals. From March 7 – 10, the WITS Alliance sponsored six panels, one meeting, and… Read more »

This Spring Break, join WITS as we offer fun and innovative programming throughout the week!   Writing Workshops at Spring Break at Discovery Green Monday, March 12 – Thursday, March 15 | 2pm-3pm HPL Express Free   Writing Workshop at Let’s Be Friends Monday, March 12 | 10am-12pm Holocaust Museum Free with admission   WITS… Read more »

Why?   1. Why do I always __________ ? A. Fall in love B. Fall for the wrong one C. Sleep D. Cry   2. Why am I always ___________ ? A. Getting hurt B. Crying C. Catching feelings fast D. Stressed   3. Why didn’t he ___________ ? A. Tell me B. Show me… Read more »

On Saturday, February 3rd, students from around the Greater Houston area streamed into Queensbury Theatre to learn from poet, playwright, and screenwriter, Chinaka Hodge, during a free youth workshop hosted by Writers in the Schools and Meta-Four Houston. The author of three books, including the 2016 collection of poetry, Dated Emcees, Chinaka’s poems, editorials, interviews… Read more »

With fun and interactive writing activities to spark the imagination, the Young Writers Workshop helps children develop their language and creativity skills. Each workshop features two WITS writers. Each participant receives one-on-one interaction and feedback. Held Saturdays at the Houston Public Library Express location at Discovery Green from 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM, the workshop… Read more »

    Congratulations to Writers in the Schools writer, Elizabeth Keel, for her feature in Arts & Culture Magazine. She talks acting, directing, grad school and why she loves teaching with WITS!   “Nobody’s worried about grades. Instead, we give the kids the time they need to interact with language and build their confidence. It is… Read more »

I am fire in the wind. One little spark can ignite the entire world. The air crisp and smokey, the fire big and beautiful. I am that wildfire, spreading like gossip in teen girls’ hands. My ways of life are dangerous; I lunge from tree to tree, It takes 1,000,000 people to slow down my… Read more »

  The tree, Alone, Standing in the corner The middle of May Five months past Christmas Me My sister Begging for the tree to stay A bit more   It looks so graceful. It almost feels as if The tree My family We’re all glowing A deep soft warm Yellow shimmer In the spirit of… Read more »

  A nine-year old girl Face light and smiling Yet a line of regret on her face Rushing to hug her mommy Laughing and laughing and laughing Because she is so relieved In the bright and beautiful shine of the sun A mother asking, shouting, “Where have you been?” In the familiar light Of her… Read more »

Dear friends, What does it mean to live a life “filled with tenderness”? Is it opening a door for a stranger, sharing lunch, lighting a candle? These grey winter days can feel overwhelming, as though we are being asked to do more than is humanly possible. And yet…. And yet I remember the days in… Read more »

Run. Run and hide from the world and reality. Run until you are free of this world, of this place of laws and truths. Run until you find a place where anything could happen: the Narnia in your closet. Escape from judgement and the restrictions that come with it. Embrace the darkness, the morbidity. Let… Read more »

  On my parents’ porch, I feel a gust of air as I walk out the screen door. Am I hot? Am I cold? No. I am just right.  But even here, there’s a twisted feeling in my gut, my long lost dog sits in ashes on the top shelf of my parents’ desk. The… Read more »

Writing the City Buffalo Bayou: Nature and Nurture February 10 & 24, 2018 | 9am-12pm | $100/ participant >> Register Today <<   WITS is excited to offer a new writing workshop series for K-12 educators. Join us for our two-part writing on location adventure. In this writing workshop for educators, participants will write on location… Read more »

The trees sway in the wind, dancing upon our eyes. The joy-filled kids swarm past us like a flock of angry geese. The mud bestows heavy layers of stains at the tips of my shoes, leaving them with a brown bumpy concoction. The blades of grass at my feet tickle my toes, while the mulch… Read more »

If I were the dog, at Thanksgiving I would say: That chopped liver smells good. I hope they drop some turkey. I want to taste that. I think I see dessert. This is so noisy. When is it going to be over? I think I like everything here. I will just jump on the table…. Read more »

  Welcome to hot, humid Houston. If you travel northeast, you might find a place I love most: my home. You can take a right and find a wonderful white house. It’s so special with my mom, dad, my 5-year old brother, Sam, my 8-day old baby brother, Shepard and my two dogs, Gus and… Read more »

The ninth annual WITS gala, Many Voices | One Houston, is coming up soon—November 9 at the Astorian. (Tickets and tables are still available.) As we anticipate this celebration of Houston’s resilient voices, we’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the accomplishments of this year’s gala honorees, The Leech Family.   The… Read more »