The stone-cold look she gives you Makes you want to run and hide. You cower in her shadow, Waiting for her to decide. Her mind expands farther than the universe. She practically glows with power. Her rage fills you with fear As you squirm and shift in place. She looks you in the eye, deciphering… Read more »

I am the metal wall that will always protect you from danger. I am the night yard owl that looks after you in the night. Your face is the fresh breeze that brings people happiness. You will never fear ’cause I’m here for you. If you fall, I will be your pillow. If you’re hurt,… Read more »

To the Future Me: I have important questions stored. Did you ever give up on proving your worth? Are you still that joke to people Or the wise one that’s finally happy? The curiosity is really killing me. Will we ever find happiness? Ever feel that feeling— the unspeakable feeling of love?   by Imani,… Read more »

I am the core of a red apple I am the hawk with its eyes so bright I am a sapling ready to grow I am the darkest shadow I am the scroll that will guide you I am honey that flows on your pancakes I am the drone whom you control I am the… Read more »

When sadness comes to you as an aqua mermaid you must put her in your bathtub. Give her homemade stew but don’t add jalapeno— she will mourn over spice. Ah! Dessert for her, of course. Lemon cake with rainbow sprinkles! Oh, that would make her day! Then give her your bed, and sleep on the… Read more »

My mother tells me that I was born outside of the eye of a hurricane, where the storm is strong and moves in radials; a series of low-pressure systems and winds that carry bayous. My ninth birthday was suspended in the space between cyclone and silence. I watched my city build itself up again after… Read more »

Gleaming in the sunlight, wicked green, rocks like a boat when sliced. Slice it! Now it looks like the Grinch, smells like a Warhead. Juicy. Eat it if you dare. It will give you a sour face. Delicious for me, but for you, maybe not. Transparent like a window. If I hide behind it, you… Read more »

Congrats to the top 6 young performance poets who made the Meta-Four Houston team and will go on to represent Houston at the international youth slam competition, Brave New Voices, in San Francisco in July: Jackson N. – Austin High School Donald V. – Sharpstown High School Ashlyn S. – Humble High School Sebastian K. – Heights… Read more »

  A poem is like a volcano trying to erupt. A story is like a wild unknown animal, yet to be discovered. A play is like a crazy zombie apocalypse. Because zombies are dumb and funny, wearing crazy hats. When I write, I feel like a maze that has a-maze-ing ideas. When I write, I… Read more »

April is National Poetry Month, and to say we’re excited is an understatement. This year’s celebration is bigger and better than ever. Not only are students, teachers, librarians, bloggers, and poets around the country highlighting the powerful legacy of verse, but WITS is providing 3 amazing ways you can get involved. #1 Visit the Poet-trees at Buffalo… Read more »

On the occasion of National Puppy Day, we thought we’d republish a letter from our Executive Director, Robin Reagler, celebrating all that we love and learn from our pets. It was originally published in the WITS newsletter, A New Leaf, in 2001. My dog Jake is not a great writer, and yet he has managed… Read more »

Are you a 6th, 7th, or 8th grader with a love of words? Sign up now for a free performance poetry workshop with WITS writer Jasminne Mendez at Lone Star College – Kingwood during the Bayou City Book Festival. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the writing and performance process, exploring revision, stage presence, and… Read more »

Do you know a teen between the ages of 13-19 who wants to be a published writer? Check out Word on the Street / La Voz de Los Jovenes: a new online magazine of writing and the arts, created by the youth, for youth. Created, visioned, and led by a core squad of youth of… Read more »

Spring is in the air and so is our new performance workshop for youth ages 13-19! Starting today, we’re hosting a FREE workshop and open mic every first Friday of the month at the new Levy Park Conservancy. Join us from 7 – 8:30 p.m. No registration is required, and walk-ins are welcome. Learn more here. Want updates… Read more »

Congrats to our WITS Digital students from Kashmere High School! Earlier this month, they competed at the HISD Together with Tech conference alongside 44 other student teams. The conference was created by HISD to explore the impact that technology has made in the classroom, specifically through their initiative, PowerUp, which brought a laptop to every… Read more »

Each year, the WITS Alliance heads to a different city to attend the AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) #AWP17 conference, a gathering of around 12,000 professionals. The conference provides an opportunity for writers to find support, discover resources, and build community. The WITS Alliance has a strong presence at the conference. Whether it’s a… Read more »

My heart is the sea brushing on the rocks My heart is an invincible sumo wrestler My heart is Christmas morning over and over My heart is fierce, an unbelievable force It is all true because it is my heart. By Nelson, 3rd grade Originally published Dec 10, 2010.

Do you know a child with a talent for writing? The PBS KIDS Writers Contest is now accepting submissions from young writers and illustrators in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Anyone who enters will receive a Certificate of Achievement, with Finalists participating in an award ceremony this May. The winning stories will be produced for broadcast… Read more »

Coach calls a time out. As we the team run to coach, the blur in my eyes, barely could hearing what he’s trying to say, trying desperately to see the words come out of his mouth, too embarrassed to say, “Coach, get me off the field. I’m not making a difference.” So then they call… Read more »