Te quiero mucho porque eres un ángel. Tus ojos son estrellas del espacio. Tu pelo es una pluma ligera. Tus labios son como una rosa. Porque tu belleza ni en la noche se apaga. Porque eres como dia, y la noche se acaba…   (Translation)   I love you so much because you are an… Read more »

Dogs at seven learn to be calm. Their gray floppy ears like to hear food being dropped in a metal bowl.   Dogs at seven enjoy long calm walks only so when they come back, they can sink into your bed and nap, smelling like warm glazed grass.   Dogs at seven like hearing the… Read more »

Just as trees are a symbol of the strength of nature, poet-trees are a symbol of the strength of a community. This #NationalPoetryMonth, we have been amazed at Houston’s response to the poet-trees at Buffalo Bayou Park. We’ve already collected have over 1,000 poems from people of all backgrounds, in multiple languages. DIY poet-trees are… Read more »

As I look at the twists and turns in your palm, I see something, something more than lines, like a virus worming its way deeper, deeper into your veins, riding them to your heart. Another hill is like a weakness, trying to hide until it is strong, hiding in those little creases, just waiting for… Read more »

[excerpt] Where you can go to the rodeo and see farm animals Where you see abstract and landscape art in museums and on the streets Where you smell meaty, smoky brisket and tacos from food trucks Where it sounds very busy from cars on the freeway Where the people are from different cultures, Where the… Read more »

Meet Diane K. Salerni, author of The Eighth Day series, at the Cool Brains Reading on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 3 p.m. She will be reading at Meyerland Performing and Visual Arts Middle School. A book signing will be available on a first-come, first served basis, with doors opening at 2:15 p.m. Did you… Read more »

April is National Poetry Month, and U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera will make a special Houston visit on Wednesday, April 19th. Herrera is the son of migrant farmers. He has published 30 books in his illustrious career, and he was named the first Mexican-American U.S. Poet Laureate in 2015. The University of Houston – Downtown… Read more »

I am from the Middle East where the Arabs roam. I am from kebabs and hummus, spaghetti and shrimp. I am from Azhar and Abzar, some good old friends. My brothers are from them, too. I am from a whole family tree sprouted in the little country Iraq. I am from a father who works… Read more »

Each one a gift no doubt about it. A wonderful, mythical day without ice cream. Today, cold and bright a cool breeze in the sky without a fall of rain. Through the calm eye of a window, charming look in the glowing mirror, you find yourself in trouble. A friend helps you out. You whisper… Read more »

Yo soy una playa. Al llegar las personas, me siento acompañada. Mis manos parecen la arena. Salgo a sentarme sola, sin paz, con el sol como el fuego que quema. Oigo el “Ja, ja, ja” de las personas felices y con alegría que me hace recordar los chistes de mi tío. El mar de lágrimas… Read more »

This #NationalPoetryMonth, poetry is growing in all kinds of unexpected places, including Houston H-E-B locations in Montrose, San Felipe, Buffalo Speedway, and Bunker Hill. ? These poems, written by young WITS students, remind us to honor and celebrate the everyday gifts of our given world. The next time you’re shopping there during the month of April,… Read more »

The stone-cold look she gives you Makes you want to run and hide. You cower in her shadow, Waiting for her to decide. Her mind expands farther than the universe. She practically glows with power. Her rage fills you with fear As you squirm and shift in place. She looks you in the eye, deciphering… Read more »

I am the metal wall that will always protect you from danger. I am the night yard owl that looks after you in the night. Your face is the fresh breeze that brings people happiness. You will never fear ’cause I’m here for you. If you fall, I will be your pillow. If you’re hurt,… Read more »

To the Future Me: I have important questions stored. Did you ever give up on proving your worth? Are you still that joke to people Or the wise one that’s finally happy? The curiosity is really killing me. Will we ever find happiness? Ever feel that feeling— the unspeakable feeling of love?   by Imani,… Read more »

I am the core of a red apple I am the hawk with its eyes so bright I am a sapling ready to grow I am the darkest shadow I am the scroll that will guide you I am honey that flows on your pancakes I am the drone whom you control I am the… Read more »

When sadness comes to you as an aqua mermaid you must put her in your bathtub. Give her homemade stew but don’t add jalapeno— she will mourn over spice. Ah! Dessert for her, of course. Lemon cake with rainbow sprinkles! Oh, that would make her day! Then give her your bed, and sleep on the… Read more »

My mother tells me that I was born outside of the eye of a hurricane, where the storm is strong and moves in radials; a series of low-pressure systems and winds that carry bayous. My ninth birthday was suspended in the space between cyclone and silence. I watched my city build itself up again after… Read more »

Gleaming in the sunlight, wicked green, rocks like a boat when sliced. Slice it! Now it looks like the Grinch, smells like a Warhead. Juicy. Eat it if you dare. It will give you a sour face. Delicious for me, but for you, maybe not. Transparent like a window. If I hide behind it, you… Read more »

Congrats to the top 6 young performance poets who made the Meta-Four Houston team and will go on to represent Houston at the international youth slam competition, Brave New Voices, in San Francisco in July: Jackson N. – Austin High School Donald V. – Sharpstown High School Ashlyn S. – Humble High School Sebastian K. – Heights… Read more »

  A poem is like a volcano trying to erupt. A story is like a wild unknown animal, yet to be discovered. A play is like a crazy zombie apocalypse. Because zombies are dumb and funny, wearing crazy hats. When I write, I feel like a maze that has a-maze-ing ideas. When I write, I… Read more »