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Depression is not like people. It is a person who has a hole in the middle, but not a hole like what you can see there. But Depression has a hole and in that hole it is like water, and the water is fifty feet deep. Depression to me is like death. Depression can tell you or give you a lot of feelings. Depression is black. It is dark in Depression. Some people get lost there, so think next time before taking a trip with Depression.

by Brandea, 4th Grade


art by Mark Rothko

Doodle, My Fish

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Having a pet is fun! I like to watch fish every day. I went to Target and bought a fish in a small tank. I called my pet fish “Doodle.” He was beautiful. Doodle was blue like the ocean. He was green like the grass. He was yellow like the sun. He was my very own rainbow fish.

Every day I took care of Doodle. I cleaned his water and gave him food every other day. He would swim around his tank fast and jump high as he could to catch his food. I loved to watch him eat. He snapped the food up as fast as it dropped. He grew bigger each month.

I played with Doodle. Sometimes I tapped on his fish tank to get his attention. He would swim from left to right to follow the sound he heard. I would stare into his tank to see if he noticed me. I even talked and sang to him sometimes. I took Doodle on a vacation trip to Dallas in our car. I was happy he was with me. I could still see him everyday. This made me very happy. My family loved Doodle too. They made sure I fed him. We wrote the days he had to eat on our family calendar. I loved Doodle very much. He is now in “fish heaven.” I really had fun with my pet fish.

by Jordan, 4th Grade

(photo by Arutha via

Skirt! Sponsors WritingContest for Girls, Grades 5-8

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To celebrate the historic moment of a woman running for the White House, Skirt! wants to hear from girls in grades 5-8 about why they should be President and how they would make a difference in the world if they were elected. To produce your campaign package, be creative…design your own bumper sticker. Be thoughtful…explain your campaign

Have fun with this project! Hillary Clinton’s campaign song is “You and I” by Celine Dion. What would yours be? Surprise the editors with your ideas and presentation. The top two entries will appear in the February 2008 issue of skirt! and will receive a gift package worth $250.

Submissions must be received no later than December 31, 2007, and must include your name, address, phone number, age, grade level, and school. You can mail your entry to: Skirt! 801 Texas Avenue, Houston, TX 77002, or email it to Dusty.

The Country, Night and Day

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Where I live is beautiful.
At night, it is horrible
because you see the trees with sun,
shining so bright,

but when the sun goes down,
the trees look like a scary person moving.

I live in the country
where the days are bright,
but when the sun goes down,
it looks so dark.

In the country
you hear the dogs barking,
but in the night,
you hear the wolves howling.
When they do that,
it frightens me.

In the country,
when it’s daytime,
I feel like playing with my friends
and with the dogs in the park,
but when the sun goes down and
the moon goes up,
the wolves howl,
and the trees look like men
walking down the street.

The leaves fall off
and look like ghosts.

Roberto, 10th Grade
Texas Children’s Hospital Renal Dialysis Unit

The Orchid

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orchid-innocent-by-melony-via-flickr.jpgAn orchid is peaceful and perfect like glass
or a mirror
because it is delicate and strong
and when I look in a mirror
I see myself
and I am also
delicate and strong.

by Collin, 2nd Grade


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Winter, my winter, is no winter.
It’s only


Turkey and stuffing make


delicious and my girlfriend
makes me so cool and cuddly
which makes my world


in love.

But sometimes the moon makes my mood


to the ground.

And then my dad starts to cook
just like my cozy mom
which makes my dad


into the best cooker-category in all of cooker-land.

by Michael, 5th Grade

The Tree Turning Red

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The kind of person I was is not the kind of person I am.
Just a body,
A potato sack of nards.
A tree turning red against a blue sky full of mourning,
Summer is dying and so is my heart.
Voices flutter like the birds,
So free and blinded as their broken wings fight against the impossible,

Sitting in a window is no way to live your life.
Sitting in a man is no way either.
Mother was sewing and pricked herself.
She didn’t forget to wince but she forgot to bleed.
She went to bed without talking and no food.
Bright white skin matching purple bags of restlessness awoke the next morning,
Only to find her children had been consumed by adulthood.

I sat feeling the summer kissed skin surrendering to the pink.
The pink soon darkened,
Slowly turning my skin red,
Then fell to white as winter sucked away summer from my mind and fall from my eyes.
Every night filling halls fat with loud voices,
Never talking,
Just yelling so that the truth could never enter their ears
Lies were slapping them blind,
Leaving them daft and retarded on the floor.

I went away from the tree turning red,
Never to see it again,
To experience its beauty,
Its hatred of the world around it dying,
Bending to the winter.
Back there,
I still hear the yelling.

by Tracy Jayne, 12th Grade

photo by flummoxed1 via flickr

The Sad Little Pumpkin

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pumpkin.jpgI lament Halloween.
I lament having to sit around in a field all day.
I lament having to get picked up and go to a place that’s new.
I lament having to be carved into a jack-o-lantern
and having to sit on a porch for a week.
I lament having to have a torch lit in me.
I lament sitting here while kids go trick-or-treating
wearing silly costumes.
I lament watching kids come out of houses with sacks full of candy
and watching them come home looking happy.
I lament seeing the little kids eat their candy.
I lament being a pumpkin.
I lament Halloween.

Andrew, Meadow Wood Elementary School
(photo by taitornator via

When I Was a Child

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When I was a child in Bellaire
Just eleven years old
I remember how I used to sit on my old,
Yellow pillow in my tiny room
Just after the house went quiet with anger
And watch the world go by.
I could see all the cars passing,
All the people with their kids strolling the street
The horizon eating up the beautiful sunset colors.
Through the circle of my window
I felt peace.

Leeor, 5th grade

I Am an Oak Tree

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I am very tall.
I am 7 years old.
During the day,
I see robins.
During the night,
I hear frogs singing.
During the day,
I grow leaves.
During the night,
I rest and wait
Until tomorrow.

Erik, Durham Elementary
(photo by mira d’oubliette via

Ode to Poetry

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O poem, you bring light
to my dark world.

O poem, you open my mind
to different things.

O poem, your words of wisdom
are like a saint.

O poem, you bring the gift of laughter
to my family and me.

O poem, each time I read you
you give me a chance in the spotlight.

O poem, when I read you,
it’s like I read God’s
spiritual mind.

O poem, you are like a chipmunk
wandering in the wild.

by Jose, 4th grade


Marv Hoffman Celebrates New Book in Houston Tonight

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Writers in the Schools (WITS) founder Marv Hoffman will read tonight at Brazos Bookstore from his new book, “You Won’t Remember Me”: The Schoolboys of Barbiana Speak to Today. Marv is a lifelong educator who has reflected deeply and profoundly on what it means to be a teacher. He learns the most about his students by listening–really listening–to his students. The event will be at 7 pm tonight (October 22, 2007).

“At a time when too many children are disempowered by an education devoid of joy or meaning, Marv Hoffman reminds us of the magic that is made when teacher and student engage in first understanding, and then changing, the world.”
Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president of the Children’s Defense Fund

Ode to Friday

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“Let go, Monday!”
Dragging me from my fun weekend.
Yet, like all bullies, your meanness chases me to
school where I’m safe with my friends.

Tuesday, You coward, Monday’s henchman.
Yeah right, all you do is use your big, fat self to
keep me from Friday.

Wednesday, neutral. Not sweet, not sour.
I wait ‘til days end, only one more hour.

Thursday, good old fellow
like an old train, you see,
carrying me to Friday! Yippee!

Friday, Oh Friday,
The best of ‘em all.
A friendly old guy,
And kindly, indeed.

Saturday, good friend to Friday,
And me!
Why he’s more fun than climbing a tree!

Sunday, so nervous,
friend of Friday,
yet he is bullied by Monday,
and brainless fat Tuesday.
Sunday will do whatever they say
because Monday will always say,
“Give me those kids, take their weekends away!”

by James, 5th Grade


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The song of the midnight swallow is
Echoing in the forest of delight,
Embracing love in each dying note.

The wolf howls at the pale blue
Moon, and the stars twinkle in

The sky, mirrored by the lake,
Abandons its own character.

The snake hisses as it slithers
Toward its prey and leaves a thin
Track of dust.

The trees overshadow the starving
Red earth.

I am still unplanted.

by Antonio, 11th grade

I See You

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I see you in school
I see you down the street
I see you everywhere
but I don’t speak
I see you outside
I see you smile
I see you in the mall
but I don’t smile
I see you driving
I see you crying
I see you laughing
but I don’t laugh
I see you all the
and I finally wave
but you don’t
wave back.

by Tieshana, 8th grade

Nancy’s Tall Adventure

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Once there was a girl who grew weeds in pots, and every time she had an adventure, the weed of that day would grow as tall as her adventure. Her tallest weed was bigger than she was.

One day she was going to a pizza place, and she found a door hidden in vines. It was a rather large door. She decided to go through it. On the other side, there was a stream. Near the stream, there was a fence. On the other side there was a glowing tree. She went and climbed the tree. It had fireflies and fairies all over it.

The fairies picked her up and took her to a blank white place. Suddenly a farm dropped out of nowhere. She ran as fast as she could until she found a door and went through it. She was home again and next to her was a very large weed, even bigger than she was.

by Remandra, 3rd Grade


photo by pawpaw67 via flickr

Nature by Zenobia

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Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day I like nature because the flowers are a part of nature. I like beautiful flowers. I love to watch the birds fly high and free in the sky. The little bugs may look nasty on the outside but they are nice on the inside, so don’t kill them.

Trees and grass are a part of us. If we did not have them, we would not be able to live. I think we should keep nature clean. We should not pollute the air because things will die. Plants cannot grow when the air is polluted. It is also very difficult for people to breathe without clean air.

We need clean water for vegetable and fruit crops to survive. The earth is our environment. We must take care of it. We need to clean up the oil in the oceans, pick up litter from the ground, and clean up after our pets.

We can show that we care for nature. The cleaner the environment, the better we are. Keep our environment clean in any way you can.

by Zenobia , 3rd grade
Writers in the Schools (WITS)

Life Is Not Scary

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Hawks do not scare me when they swing their big black wings.
Bees do not scare me when they sting.
Robbers do not scare me when they sneak behind me,
And big dogs do not scare me even when they bite.
Ghosts do not scare me when gliding behind me.
Diseases do not scare me, even when I get one.
Strangers do not scare me
Hornets do not scare me
Dying does not scare me….
Life is not scary at all.

by Grant, 2nd Grade
Beth Yeshurun Day School
literary prompt = Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Maya Angelou and Jean-Michel Basquiat


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violin-by-wisdoc.jpgThe word “orchestra” has always driven me because my mother was a musician and played the violin, too. Playing the violin has taken me places that you only imagine for fifteen year old girl like me. Since the fifth grade I’ve been playing. The first day I laid an eye on a music note was the day my life changed. Knowing that you can play any instrument or accomplish anything in life is one of the best things you can have for success.

by Zaundra, age 15