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The song of the midnight swallow is
Echoing in the forest of delight,
Embracing love in each dying note.

The wolf howls at the pale blue
Moon, and the stars twinkle in

The sky, mirrored by the lake,
Abandons its own character.

The snake hisses as it slithers
Toward its prey and leaves a thin
Track of dust.

The trees overshadow the starving
Red earth.

I am still unplanted.

by Antonio, 11th grade

I See You

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I see you in school
I see you down the street
I see you everywhere
but I don’t speak
I see you outside
I see you smile
I see you in the mall
but I don’t smile
I see you driving
I see you crying
I see you laughing
but I don’t laugh
I see you all the
and I finally wave
but you don’t
wave back.

by Tieshana, 8th grade

Nancy’s Tall Adventure

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Once there was a girl who grew weeds in pots, and every time she had an adventure, the weed of that day would grow as tall as her adventure. Her tallest weed was bigger than she was.

One day she was going to a pizza place, and she found a door hidden in vines. It was a rather large door. She decided to go through it. On the other side, there was a stream. Near the stream, there was a fence. On the other side there was a glowing tree. She went and climbed the tree. It had fireflies and fairies all over it.

The fairies picked her up and took her to a blank white place. Suddenly a farm dropped out of nowhere. She ran as fast as she could until she found a door and went through it. She was home again and next to her was a very large weed, even bigger than she was.

by Remandra, 3rd Grade


photo by pawpaw67 via flickr

Nature by Zenobia

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Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day I like nature because the flowers are a part of nature. I like beautiful flowers. I love to watch the birds fly high and free in the sky. The little bugs may look nasty on the outside but they are nice on the inside, so don’t kill them.

Trees and grass are a part of us. If we did not have them, we would not be able to live. I think we should keep nature clean. We should not pollute the air because things will die. Plants cannot grow when the air is polluted. It is also very difficult for people to breathe without clean air.

We need clean water for vegetable and fruit crops to survive. The earth is our environment. We must take care of it. We need to clean up the oil in the oceans, pick up litter from the ground, and clean up after our pets.

We can show that we care for nature. The cleaner the environment, the better we are. Keep our environment clean in any way you can.

by Zenobia , 3rd grade
Writers in the Schools (WITS)

Life Is Not Scary

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Hawks do not scare me when they swing their big black wings.
Bees do not scare me when they sting.
Robbers do not scare me when they sneak behind me,
And big dogs do not scare me even when they bite.
Ghosts do not scare me when gliding behind me.
Diseases do not scare me, even when I get one.
Strangers do not scare me
Hornets do not scare me
Dying does not scare me….
Life is not scary at all.

by Grant, 2nd Grade
Beth Yeshurun Day School
literary prompt = Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Maya Angelou and Jean-Michel Basquiat


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violin-by-wisdoc.jpgThe word “orchestra” has always driven me because my mother was a musician and played the violin, too. Playing the violin has taken me places that you only imagine for fifteen year old girl like me. Since the fifth grade I’ve been playing. The first day I laid an eye on a music note was the day my life changed. Knowing that you can play any instrument or accomplish anything in life is one of the best things you can have for success.

by Zaundra, age 15

The Leaf

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fall-leaves-by-smallchih-v-flickr.jpgI am in a tree.
I see kids.
Birds fly above me.
I fall down and land on an ant.
I hear a train from far away.
A girl picks me up,
then she throws me on the ground.
The people step on me a lot of times.

I am the leaf.

by Jasmine, 1st Grade
[photo by smallchih via flickr]

My Town

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Mother says to go and play because she is ready to make supper. So I decided to collect my coins and go to the corner store. When I got to the corner store, I went to the bakery and got a fresh chocolate cookie and a cup of sweet lemonade. After I paid, I went to the park and ate my food. I noticed that I had 10 coins left. I went back to the corner store and got a wooden play set for my cotton baby doll to play with.

I got my things and went home. I told my mother what I got at the corner store and went to my room. I opened my wardrobe, got my doll and set it on the table. I closed my wardrobe and sat at my table. I went to the closet and got my basket of scraps. I started making clothes and blankets for the wooden play set.

I also made some hangers out of wire. I found the bar where you hang the hangers. I put the clothes on my hangers. After that I heard my mother call me for supper. I ate all of my soup and crackers, and I ate my cookie. Then I went back to my room and played with my toys. After I played with my toys, I got my book and read for a while. It had been a great day!

by Erin,  3rd grade
Condit Elementary

Ode To My Dogs

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My dogs bark and bark as if they see a ghost, but actually I feel joy once I open the door.

I feel love once I touch my dogs. I am sure they do too.

It seems scary things and evil is being pulled away when I am face to face with my shining dogs. Shining like stars in the night sky and the light the sun gives us, my dogs run toward me. When they get hurt I feel my heart bri-said-sit.jpgeak….

I will always love my shield dogs.

Evil is too weak to take my love away.

by Jeong, 3rd grade
Condit Elementary

Are You Mad?

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This spring I met a cool high school teacher at a writing conference who supervises an online forum for young writers. If you’re are a student who’screate_caption_solonitz1.JPG interested in either creative writing or subversive approaches or both, check out MAHC today.

MAHC is a community that couldn’t be much more diverse. It includes:

Journalists, photographers, a college dean, a city attorney, three ex-cons, a folklorist, a horse race handicapper, a chef, a suburban housewife turned environmental activist, a novelist, a software designer, a stand up comic, a couple of teachers, a salsa dancer, a coffee roaster, a real estate consultant, some high school and college students, a lesbian couple, a couple of moms, a psychiatrist, a few dads, a British actress, a really savvy 12-year old, two cartoonists, one street musician, and a guy who manages a Blockbuster in Canada are among those who compose our forum.

And that’s a quote.

There are publishing opportunities galore, both on the site and elsewhere. If you think you’re mad enough, check it out.

Emerald Green by Andrew

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Emerald Green, I adore you
When the wind blows, you shake
When we jump, you land first
I want to sing, “You’re everywhere
around me, making my heart want
to burst!”
You’re on the trees I always climb
You’re on the grass I lie in
You grow on me
You make me smile everywhere I go
I am always thinking about you
You flow down the river, whistling
my song

by Andrew, 4thGrade
Crespo Elementary School

Another Op: Frodo’s Notebook

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Frodo’s Notebook publishes exceptional writing and art online by kids ages 13-19. If you’re interested in submitting to this journal, read several back issues to get a sense of the kind of work that they publish. The details of how to make your submission are here.


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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great leader. He helped black people. He said everyone should be nice. He reminds me of my grandma. She says, “Don’t fight. Be nice.” I have a black friend named Brianne. We play together. Someday I hope everyone will play together.

by Caesar. age 6
Texas Children’s Hospital
[photo by Okul via Flickr]

Crunchy or Extra Crunchy?

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Dav Pilkey wrote many books that kids love–The Paperboy, Dog Breath, and Captain Underpants. Dav Pilkey’s Extra-Crunchy Website O’ Fun is filled with hilarious flip-o-ramas, free video, music and avatar downloads, jokes and riddles, and you can also create your own animated e-card. Oh yeah, insights into Pilkey’s writing process are included, too.

Beach Time

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beach.jpg I love going to the beach in Galveston. I like to walk in the sand. It feels like quicksand, like I’m sinking. Sometimes I bury my feet in the sand. The water is brownish and the waves aren’t very high. I walk out a little way, but not too far. Sometimes I think a crab is pinching my toe, but it isn’t. I hear the waves hitting the shore and people laughing. I love going to the beach.

by Tobi, age 8
Texas Children’s Hospital
[photo by Eschipul via Flickr]

My Fish

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My fish live in
my house.
They blow bubbles
all day long.
They breathe through
their gills quietly.
I feed them with a
little, tiny spoon.
They don’t make any
noise when they swim,
but all together they look like a rainbow –
orange, red, yellow, brown.
They’re friendly fish.
I know because when I put
my finger in the tank,
they don’t bite too hard.

by John, age 9
Texas Children’s Hospital
[photo by ShaneWarne_60000 via Flickr]

Perpetual Motion

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Spinning around
like a tornado
I could go on
smiling for a long, long smile.

I love my mom and dad.

by Bria, age 8
Texas Children’s Hospital

[photo kwisatc via Flickr]

El Sol [The Sun]

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El sol me
es un diamante
gigante. Es una
canica flotante.

Es una semilla,
es una estrella
El sol es
que me seguira todos
los dias de mi vida.


The sun
surprises me.

It’s a giant
diamond, a floating

It’s a seed,
a giant star.

The sun is

that will follow me
all the days of my life.

by Gina, 3rd grade







Photo by Sakura via flickr