Anthology Season

Posted May 4, 2007 & filed under Notebook.

This is the season. All WITS writers are helping students select their best work, revise and edit it, and (finally!) publish it in a class anthology. Check out “Picking up a Spider” by Juan Montes. He has been working with WITS Senior Writer Giuseppe Taurino this year.

student-spider-507-resized.jpg Here’s the story by Juan:

On a late Thursday afternoon at school I saw a big orange spider on the ground. I was at recess with Adan. We were playing kickball. The spider was making a web for his home. The web was on the table outside. I was feeling brave so I wanted to catch the spider. Adan was nervous because he was afraid of spiders. I made a trap with my hands. I closed the trap at the top, and I caught the spider.

With the new Spiderman movie opening this weekend, Juan’s essay seems especially appropriate.

Next Week: Meet the Authors of the Future

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wits-young-writers-reading.jpgWriters in the Schools (WITS) presents the Young Writers Reading Series next week. Over 100 student writers from the Houston area will gather to share their work with the community. The readings will be held at The Menil Collection on Monday and Tuesday, May 7 and 8.

andrea-white.jpgEach night there will be a special guest who will congratulate the student winners. Monday night Andrea White, the first lady of Houston and author of the book Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083.will congratulate the students. On May 8 philanthropist Lisa Foronda, formerly of KHOU TV will be the guest speaker. Both readings are free. Please join us! lisa_foronda.jpg

WITS Blog Nominated for Best Charity Weblog

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My site was nominated for Best Charity Blog!The WITS Blog has been nominated for Best Charity Blog at the Blogger’s Choice Awards website. After less than one month of experience in the blogosphere, we’re a rookie to the field. If you have a spot in your heart for the underdog, we would appreciate your support. In order to vote, you have to register first. Thanks!

Action Poem by Eden

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Black bike tracks on the hard cement
The crazy driver zipping down the street
The pears on the pear tree in the back yard
growing as slow as molasses.

My mom rushing to get to work
Me erasing so many times my eraser is dust
Drawing so fast, my hand falls off.

Watching my dad eat a whole large cheese pizza
My sister waking up because of her alarm (the alarm is me)
Writing a 100 page story so fast, my pencil gets to be only half a centimeter long
Going fishing so long, I fall asleep while holding the fishing pole.

Being hungry enough to eat two whole elephants
Having white teeth that are so white that no one can see you because
the shininess of your teeth blinded them
Writing so hard, I make a hole in the paper.

by Eden, 4th grade

Hope by Sophie

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I am the moon reflecting off the calm, blue water.
I am a balloon drifting higher and higher, hovering above the clouds.
I am a raindrop plummeting down from the bright sky.
I am a tree feeling the nourishment from the sun.
I am the leaves fluttering down from a magnolia tree.
I am the water flowing down the river swiftly and rapidly.
I am the bird flying over the horizon.
I am the spirits escaping into nothingness.

by Sophie, 4th grade

Dear Pluto by Emily

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Dear Pluto,

It’s us, we are kicking you out.
Your ego was the size of the sun,
And you’re no longer considered to be one of us.
Have fun in another galaxy!

The Solar System

P.S—You left some of your moons;
we expect that you’ll be by to pick them up.

by Emily, 9th grade