Yellow Like a Sunflower

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sunflower-1495136_640Yellow looks like the sun shining in the sky.

Yellow sounds like a yellow bird cheeping.

I can smell yellow dandelions when they have their petals.

I can touch yellow banana peels.

I taste a yellow icing cupcake.

If yellow were a person, he would lie under the sun.

By Drake, Memorial Drive Elementary

The Tree

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winter-260838_640The tree is blowing its hair in the air

It has more than one arm, it has legs and hair

It doesn’t like to be cut down

The tree likes animals to hibernate inside it

The tree doesn’t like to be alone

He loves the animals

The tree is warm in the sun

By Addison, Lyons Elementary

Visual Poetry Exhibition Featuring WITS Students on Display

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The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) Graphic Design Research Initiative (GDRI) and Writers in the Schools (WITS) recently collaborated on a special project that featured WITS students and University of Houston graphic design students.  The GDRI students turned the children’s poems into graphic designs, using inspiration from various fields, including concrete poetry, expressive typography, and Dadaism. The visual poetry exhibition is currently on display in Houston’s City Hall Annex. Click here to read about this innovative project.


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The mast shakes.

The sail is taut and motionless.

As the wind howls, people yell.

I’m hit in the face with icy sea water. People go down and get back up.

I look over the edge of the ship and see something tap.

I look up and hope to god I’m not the only one that sees it:

a giant blue eye looking down in wonder.

By Max, 8th Grade

Love Poem for a Cloud

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In the morning when the sun rises I imagine you

as someone I love who has passed away.

My eyes hunt for you when I am sad or mad.

I cherish your lovely whiteness.

You make my eyes water with happiness.

I adore your fluffiness that is softer than a dog.

Nothing will separate us, not even the wind that howls.

Our love is stronger than a lollipop.

I cherish you like a dog who cuddles with me.

In the evening I look up into the dark sky to find you.

I wait to read you a book.

By Kennedy, 2nd Grade

I Love Black

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Black is the night sky while you are sleeping.

Black is the sound of a crow chirping through the day.

Black smells like shoes on your feet.

Black feels spiky and hard, like a dinosaur’s spikes.

Black tastes like steak that was burned in the oven.

Black goes outside and jumps on a black horse.


by Drake, 3rd grade

Poetry Contest | Bayou Preservation Association

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BPA logo

Middle and high school students from the surrounding Houston area are invited to participate in the 2016 Watershed Awareness Student Contest! The theme is Our Bayous, Our Pollution. Houston- area bayous and waterways lead to Galveston Bay in turn affecting the Gulf of Mexico and its Flower Garden Banks. Help raise awareness about our local watershed and bring attention to the importance of the health of our local waterways, bayous and our bay! We challenge you to research, explore, interpret and say something meaningful about the connections between human activity and the health of our bayous and ocean through art or shape poetry.

Download the complete contest details here >>

Happy writing!


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leaf-65835_1280If I could write a poem anywhere it would be on my tongue

so the words were always moving in my mouth

If I could write a poem anywhere it would be on the clouds

so that people would look up into the sky more

If I could write a poem anywhere it would be on a leaf

so my words would float off into the wind

By Crissy, 4th Grade

Love Poem for a Tree

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photo (1)










Love Poem for a Tree

(Inspired by Pablo Neruda)

By Ms. Siegel’s Class

In the morning your branches wave in the wind.

My eyes hunt for your beauty–you’re something no one has ever noticed.

I cherish your gorgeous trunk that reaches to the clouds.

I adore your green leaves that sway in the sky.

Nothing will separate us, not a wall of stone or a strong hurricane.

Our love is fiercer than an army at war.

I will never leave behind your rough bark.

I will treasure you more than gold and emeralds and iPads.

In the evening when I walk by, you will smile at me, and I will hug you.

Gearing Up for a Great Day

Posted February 11, 2016 & filed under Notebook, Poem.

boy-447706_1280When I wake up in a mood, not feeling the love,

then I got to bring it from within, like a famous

basketball player.

I put on blinders to all the negativity and just

smile at the world. Then I do my thing.


By Jermaine, 6th Grade

Wake Up

Posted November 2, 2015 & filed under Notebook, Poem.

american-teen-948079_1920Open those big black eyes

and plop those feet on the floor

I know it’s dark outside

I know you’re tired

But it’s Monday and

here you are again

So wake up and live

like there won’t be a Tuesday.

Today is the big day.

By Salome, 6th Grade

Here Comes the Rain

Posted October 23, 2015 & filed under Notebook, Poem.

statue-5998_1920Dun dun dun

here it comes

splitter splat

fast and fat

here it comes

drippity drat

dun dun dun

By Sofia, 2nd Grade




Chop, Chop

Posted October 19, 2015 & filed under Notebook, Poem.

small-child-945784_1920Chop, chop says my dad
when he wants me to hurry up
Snap, snap says my sister
when she is being annoying
Blah, blah says my brother
who thinks he knows it all
Kiss, kiss says my mom
when she puts me to bed
By Loretta, 3rd Grade

Pass Me a Napkin

Posted September 28, 2015 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

heart-742712_1280Hey, you hurt my feelings

Now I’ve got a mustard stain

on my heart

Well, pass me a napkin

Let’s wipe this clean and

start over again

By J. J., 4th Grade

Ode to an Egg

Posted September 23, 2015 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

eggs-918437_1280I adore you, egg

Oval perfection

Heavy in the hand, like gold

You shine like the moon

Inside, a secret

Yellow and white

You are fabulous, dear egg

By Winnie, 4th Grade


On the Other Side of the Earth

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football-390945_1280On the other side of the earth

do kids eat different foods

and play different games?

Do they take a bus to school?

Do they listen to rap music?

Are their parents strict like mine?

Do they ever go to bed hungry?

Do they ever hear gunshots?

It would be fun to go to the other

side of the earth and play soccer.

By Robert, 4th Grade



Hair Hair Everywhere

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I wear my hair in a braid so it

stays out of my way

My mom’s hair is black like the night

and it goes way down her back


My dad’s hair is short like beavers

cut it with their teeth

My brother’s hair sticks straight up

like knives

By Katrina, 3rd Grade

My Poem

Posted August 6, 2015 & filed under Notebook, Poem, Student Writing.

beach-323454_1280I want big muscles like my mom’s

She is so strong

I want a kind heart like my dad’s

He is so nice

By Stuart, 2nd Grade