Some Days I Don’t Know

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windowSome days I don’t know

If I’m inside looking out or outside looking in

If I’m the size of an atom or the size of the universe

If I’m black or if I’m white

Some days I don’t know who I am

By Jacob, 10th Grade

WITS Student Featured in The Buzz

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10888867_990120621002537_69896790164733703_nWITS Student Rohan Gupta is the BUZZ Kid of the month. He writes about writing and how his WITS experience has changed his life in the most recent issue. Here’s an excerpt:

I love writing, and it’s important because I put my ideas into it. Writing is permanent. It can be cherished forever. My writing will change as I get older. It will make more sense, and I’ll use bigger words. Writing is fun. It comes in many different forms, and can be found everywhere. As you can see, my life of writing will always go with me.

To see the entire article, click here.

Oh, the Rain

Posted January 22, 2015 & filed under Student Writing.

Oh, the rain that falls

down it goes

down into a lake

that has a shield.

It splashes off

into a million

more rain drops

that gleam.

Step outside today

and notice how

light and soft

the raindrops are.

Go jumping from

puddle to puddle

feel the rain hit your

forehead and drop

between your eyes

Feel it for the

first time.

By Harmony, 3rd Grade



Yosemite Park

Posted January 20, 2015 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

I see a beautiful Grand Canyon-like cliff.

Sparkly emerald-colored trees.

I see a shimmery blue stream.

I hear the fresh breeze blowing through the trees.

I hear the stream’s gently rushing water.

I feel cold refreshing liquid on my fingers

as I run my hand through the stream.

I smell the sweet crisp green grass.

I smell the carefully dripping mother rain

as it falls on my arms. I taste the fruits

from the fruit-bearing trees in Yosemite Park.

I taste the sprinkling rain on my tongue.
by Kate, 3rd Grade

Ode to My Bike

Posted December 23, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

You are a strong, steel body
That rose from the dead.
The bike that survived
Decades of ride.
The soul of a factory bike
That is dependable.
You have seen a lot of things
Since 1948.
The bike that once rotted into
The ground it came from.
The quality you can feel
In the one-piece body.

By Jon
4th Grade

Arco Iris (Rainbow)

Posted December 22, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

Esta mañana vino el arco iris,

lleno de colores

pero la lluvia lo espantó con

su pelo de agua y

su vestido de nieve.

El lugar favorito del arco iris es la playa,

se baña en el mar y con un niño baila,

sus manos de colores.

Se despierta a la una de la mañana:

en el parque canta y con su amiga juega.

Ella quiere jugar contigo,

la nieve es su amiga preferida.

Su mascota mariposa es muy bonita.

En la escuela disfruta quebrando las reglas,

se siente triste por el viento.

Su pelo es de color de oro,

y sus pies como la plata,

en la noche con las estrellas canta.

¿Y tu amiga canta?




The rainbow came this morning,

filled with colors

the rain scared her away

with her hair of water

and her dress of snow.

The beach is rainbow’s favorite place,

with a young boy she dances

and in the ocean she bathes her colorful hands.

She wakes up at 1:00 am:

in the park she plays and sings.

She wants to play with you

and her favorite friend, the snow.

Her pet is a pretty butterfly.

In school, she breaks all the rules,

feeling sorry for the wind.

Her feet are silver

and her hair is gold;

she sings with the stars at nighttime.

Does your best friend also sing?
by Madeline, 3rd Grade


Posted December 19, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

Porque te tengo en mis ojos.
Porque te pienso en El Salvador.
Porque eres el cielo, y eres muy amable.
Porque eres la miel del cielo de mi familia.
Porque existes mejor en mis manos
Y yo te tengo aquí a mi lado.
Estés donde tu estés siempre estarás
Y te amaré con todo mi corazón.




Because I have you in my eyes,
Because I think of you in El Salvador,
Because you are the sky and very loving,
Because you are the honey of heaven for my
Because you exist better in my hands,
and I need you here by my side,
Where ever you are,
You will always be with me,
And I will love you with all my heart.

by Katherine, 1st Grade

A Hungry Dog at Thanksgiving

Posted November 24, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

If I were the dog, at Thanksgiving I would say:

That chopped liver smells good.
I hope they drop some turkey.
I want to taste that.
I think I see dessert.
This is so noisy.
When is it going to be over?
I think I like everything here.
I will just jump on the table.
Ooooooooh cake.
I can fly like a bird. Whee!
I am invincible like a zombie.
Splat! Sorry about that.
Darn, that was strawberry icing.


By Benjamin, 2nd grade

from the WITS archives, 2010


Posted November 17, 2014 & filed under Notebook, Poem, Student Writing.

When I’m scared, I jump

That’s what my grandma told me

Don’t let anything make you scared

Be brave

Jump, jump, jump!

By Alaisha, 4th Grade


Posted November 10, 2014 & filed under Notebook, Poem, Student Writing.

Once I was the wind.
I swayed in the trees.
My friends were in the air.
I pushed leaves and I blew flowers
and the flowers fell to the ground.
I heard birds chirping.
I pushed the wood chips on the playground
where the kids were playing
and I whistled by,
flying in the breeze.

by Ava, 1st grade
Writers in the Schools (WITS)

I Have a Voice

Posted October 31, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.


My voice gallops like a horse through thunder.

My voice echoes like a mad sea in a storm.

My voice chants for Big Red as he crosses the finish line.

My voices whispers like a strong wind in the night.

My voice sings like a robin in the dust.

by Carrie, age 8


Posted October 28, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.


Twisting, turning inside
This is not the end
I have hope, a purpose
Black field of scars
I will survive
I will turn onto the
white road of happiness.

By Alanna, 17


Posted October 17, 2014 & filed under Student Writing.

I am a blank canvas, but I can be more.
I can be a can of soup
Or a pile of old clothes.
I can be a boy yelling, “Catch me if you can.”
I can be a blue pyramid,
But small not big.
I can be a statue thinking what to do.

But, right now I am here waiting for someone
To come and paint me. Right now
I am a blank canvas.
It is ok to be blank.
I see all the possibility I could be.
It is ok just being me.

by Kenna, 5th Grade

Don’t Be Afraid

Posted October 15, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

Don’t be afraid
to tumble into a
blue future

Don’t assume that my
fear tiptoes or that
you can hear whispers of
lies, cheating, and cries

My determination
will leap forth into
an ocean of dreams

After the light dreams
blossom into laughs, joy,
passion, and hope.

By Alonzo, age 18


Posted September 23, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

I’m falling into this weather

like a leaf

I’m tumbling and floating

on air

It’s my favorite time of year

By Chelsea, 3rd Grade

Virgo Girl

Posted September 22, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

I’m a Virgo girl

a little self-centered and critical

picky about everything under the sun

annoyed by incompetence

skeptical about you, yes you

but you want me around

because I’m smart and practical

a storehouse of information

a powerhouse of energy

and yes, I can do it all,

on time and perfectly because

I’m a Virgo girl.

By Shelly, 7th grade



Don’t Give Up

Posted September 17, 2014 & filed under Fiction, Student Writing.

Yesterday I went skateboarding with my family at the skate park near my house. Seattle’s boyfriend Duvall also came along. When we arrived there, it took about twenty minutes just to get our skateboards out and our wrist guards on. I love my skateboard. It is so cool. It has a skull and fire on the underside. I walked into the park. In front of me was basically a giant hole filled with cement skateboarding ramps. I tried to go down the biggest ramp. BAM. I fell. My butt was probably bruised, and I felt like quitting.

“Get up, you should try something smaller,” my dad said to me.

I walked over to the smallest ramp and went down. The first few times I fell, but my dad helped me by catching me when I fell. After a while I started to get the hang of it.

“It was really fun!” I said when we left. “I want to do that again!”

by Magnolia, 3rd Grade


The Spider in My Heart

Posted September 16, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamed there was a spider
in my heart.
He was beautiful,
and he tickled me with his
eight tiny legs crawling up.
I felt so happy because
I finally had a brother.
He was red and blue
and smelled like honey.
He wove another heart,
deep, profound,
with his web.

by David, 3rd Grade

Guinness World Records Contest for Young Writers

Posted September 15, 2014 & filed under Contest, Student Writing.


kids-273x300Here is a contest announcement from Guinness World Records® for writers ages 7-12:

Celebrate 60 Years with the Guinness World Records®
60 Years/60 Words Challenge!

For the past 60 years, Guinness World Records has inspired millions of people to achieve record-breaking feats. To celebrate these amazing feats, Guinness World Records is launching the 60 Years/60 Words Challenge on September 8, 2014.

Kids 7–12 can enter this national competition by selecting their favorite GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® record and telling about it in EXACTLY 60 words! The entries can be poems, raps, videos, posters and/or short essays, but they each must include PRECISELY 60 words!

The competition winner will earn a $500 scholarship, a copy of the Guinness World Records 2015 book, their photo in the 2016 book, and a $500 grant for his/her school. 10 semifinalists will win a copy of the Guinness World Records 2015 book.

Kids can enter online or at Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, and representation of the record. The competition ends December 1, 2014.

Educators, youth groups, and parents can also access fun English Language Arts activities on the website under the Parents and Educators/Youth Groups buttons. These activities get kids’ creative juices flowing!

My Favorite Toy

Posted September 8, 2014 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.

My favorite toy was a bird that could fly.
It was blue, red and yellow with a black beak
and its eyes were greenish blue.
Its feathers were soft and thin.
It looked real and could hatch eggs.
My parents gave it to me one Christmas.
It felt fluffy and could sing and talk.
I used to play with it all the time but then I lost it.
Some days I still look for it.
But where on earth has it gone?
I do not know,
maybe it was so real that it flew away.

by Emily, 3rd Grade