Today I am different.

As I view an ant on a gentle leaf,

I feel as if I am strangely different.

I feel like the ant is normal, like

doing homework.

The paper would be a magnificent landscape

with ink and lead to be its grass and trees.

As the grass grows, the pencil works harder and

the same for shimmering green trees with

the red and fiery cardinals.

The spring brings flowers up like me on

a trampoline, the winter brings snowflakes like

a man that is parachuting, the summer brings

the sun like a giant fireball, and the fall

brings leaves like a blockade of fiery arrows.

As this beautiful paper world grows, I become

more unlike my past self. This is

always meaning that when my imagination

grows, everything grows with it.

By Alex, 5th grade

Click the link (above) to listen to the poem read on KPFT radio by Helen Huneycutt, a 4th grader from Parker Elementary.

This poem is featured as part of the 2012 A Poem A Day campaign, a National Poetry Month celebration by Writers in the Schools (WITS) that features a different poem by a WITS student every day during April. Click here to learn more.

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