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Get your students noticed in a big way!  

Make sure all the principals, reading specialists and teachers know.

We publish The Bunk Room, a magazine written entirely by kids throughout the world.

Since 2008, kids all over the country and across the globe have enjoyed the opportunity to have their voices heard in our magazine, both in print and online.

If you share our mission to inspire kids to love and embrace reading and writing, you’ll be thrilled by what we have to share.

We know your time is valuable, so briefly, we want you to know about our FREE guide: 7 Tips To Get Kids Published in The Bunk Room 

In it you’ll find our greatest advice for your students to get published in our international publication.  

The confidence that blooms from kids seeing their work published is priceless. 

We are offering this for only a limited time as we jump into this new school year.

See what our readers are saying about us:

 Kids Love The Bunk Room

 I love this magazine! We picked it up at the Mount Dora Fourth of July parade and instantly fell in love with it. The minute we received it my cousin and I dug into reading the  articles and filling out the puzzle. We were so shocked that such talented kids wrote such magnificent stories! Thanks and keep writing! ~Madison Burmeister 14, Florida

 Parents Love The Bunk Room

 Great job!! I love reading all the stories from kids around the country. Sam is so excited to be a published author…he’s already planning his next article. And that’s really  saying something because he really doesn’t like to write. ~ Julie Blackstone, Colorado

 Teachers Love The Bunk Room 

 Last year, I taught Middle School Language Arts & Creative Writing.  I used the magazines to motivate the students to write articles or at least answer the great survey  questions at the beginning of the magazines. Three of my students had their articles published and many more had their answers posted.  It was a great motivator and a way  to break out of the routine when we all needed a little boost in the school year!  Thanks guys for making my job as a parent and educator easier! Keep up the hard, yet  beneficial work! ~Dorothy Mallona, Florida



Make sure you check out our FREE guide: 7 Tips To Get Kids Published in The Bunk Room. 

We’d love to see your kids on our pages, so download your free copy of our guide today. 

 Act now. Inspire your kids to share their voices.

~Margo Slaby

Executive Editor

Created By Kids. Read By All.


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