Dear friends,

What does it mean to live a life “filled with tenderness”? Is it opening a door for a stranger, sharing lunch, lighting a candle?

These grey winter days can feel overwhelming, as though we are being asked to do more than is humanly possible. And yet….

And yet I remember the days in Houston following the hurricane more clearly than yesterday. There was no time to ask why. We put aside our “to do” lists and did for our friends and neighbors what needed to be done.

At WITS we gathered at the convention center, where 10,000 evacuees waited for aid, and we connected with kids by reading, writing, and really listening to them. We used what gifts we had to help people begin to heal.

Here in Houston, everyone was giving. Friends and colleagues across the nation did whatever they could. Soon we were all wrapped up in the generosity surrounding us. It was as though our city became a WE in a powerful moment, linked together by an extreme need.

Today Houston continues to rebuild. WITS is providing creative writing programs for 52,000 children, including those in schools that were displaced by Harvey. A WITS education will feed these students’ curiosity, creativity, and desire to become active, articulate citizens. Please let us know if you can help us make a lifelong difference for these resilient kids.

All my best,






Robin Reagler, PhD
Executive Director

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