fork-by-mroon3-via-flickr.jpgThere are ten trees
Blowing around me.
I’ve counted them,
All 1 through 10.
Ahead there is a
Fork in the road.
I stand here with
My mind twisting out
Of control. One path
Seems to lead to eternal
Misunderstanding; the
Other to a foggy heart.
Either way I’m doomed.
Sweet Mother of Mary,
I feel like crying

Black tears, all alone
Like a child. Just call
Me Ms. Self-Destruct.
Even though I don’t
Make any drastic moves,
Every daybreak is
A sad blue morning.
There is a point of
No return. I will
Follow the path with
32 fiery stars to
Lead me on.

by JoMarie, 12th grade

(fork photo via flickr)

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