1/2 cup of a bad person
1 bottle of Anti-Truth potion
Something to lie about
Somebody to lie to
A handful of dirty, no-good, lying cockroaches
0/4 of a promise
A pen
A big secret book that hides the truth
500 TONS of locks to keep the book safe
A teaspoon of no conscience
A pinch of a guilt killer and a dash of blinking eyelashes

1. Mix the 1/2 cup of a bad person with 1 bottle of Anti-Truth in a bowl until they spit at you.
2. Instead of stomping the cockroaches, eat them, then barf them out into the bowl.
3. If you already have, for example, 2/4 of a promise, grill your promise and that will fix the problem so you will have 0/4 of a promise left.
4. Use your pen to write down the truth in the big book.
5. Wrap up the book with the locks really good.
7. Now smash the book into the bowl with a hammer.
8. To make your recipe stable, add a teaspoon of no conscience.
9. Just in case: if the no conscience doesn’t work, add a pinch of guilt-killer to your bowl.
10. To make your recipe work, add a dash of blinking eyelashes.
11. Before you put the bowl in the grinder, dance over the bowl to make your recipe powerful. The more you dance the more powerful it gets.
12. Now put the bowl into the grinder for 20 minutes.
13. Take the bowl out of the grinder and pour the stuff inside it onto a plate.
14. Now you’ve done it. All you have to do is to eat it all in two bites; it will taste horrible, but, after all, it is a recipe for lying.

By Mohammed, 4th grade

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  1. Charya Jayaratne

    plenty of humor of a typical lier
    i must say this a perfect poem, which talks about typical white lies .Anyone for that matter must understand “even though your good as you say you would have told a lie one day!”
    i belive if such talent can be produced daily anyone can be called “a child of tallent”
    thank you.

  2. Alicia Michelle Johnson

    this is great… in my computer class us students are writing a recipe similiar to this one. It”s not as people think it is… When I saw this poem I thought to myself, “This is going to be so easy.” WRONG!!!


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