A bird flies through the sky above the ocean.

Inside the small room, a giant green cup stands.

Dinner is set up with an eye in the soup.

A hungry man eats with four arms.

A reflection of a man.

A flash of light for a man’s head

A stone man and a lion stand by a table.

A rock under a rain cloud on top of the ocean waves.

The fish has legs, lying in the sand.

Feet as shoes with laces.

A camouflage horse and a lady.

Curtains and a piece of clouds shaped like curtains.

By this big house, it is dark, but it is light in the sky.

A train comes out of a fireplace.

A cage on a wall with a big egg inside.

The shelves have pictures.

By Yolanda, age 13

Image Credit: Not to be reproduced, 1937 by Rene Magritte

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