Well, here I am drunk in my thoughts .

I’ve been searching for you far and near.

Remembering the times you enchanted my mind with stories of your mountains, ranch, beasts, and breathing free air.

I’ve come to the ranch seeking council and comfort reviewing intimate events in my life.

Here I stand remembering your stories, living, drinking, and breathing the free air.

As I stand my ground firmly on the mountain, it whispers to me “Where is your Abuelo? Is he near?”

All I can do is shed a tear and whisper back, “He’s sleeping and he’s found an eternal peace.”

Since your timid good-bye you left me lost and searching for an idol.  Since then I don’t know the meaning of peace.

I seek it now in a young woman named Vickie; she’s accepted me in her life, and she’s taking good care of me.

Do you know I’ve found true happiness in this young woman? Do you realize I’m starting my life?

Abuelo, do you feel me? Do you watch over me? Do you hear when I pray for you?

Do you realize I’ll keep asking these questions until the day I meet up with you?

I hope you know I still miss you, and I’m still recovering from your loss.

Have you taken a look at the family lately; the struggle goes on and on.

Look over the ranch and mountains, Abuelo, for they will forever mourn their king’s loss.

Remember this nieto in your prayers, Abuelo, he loves you and keeps you in his heart.

By Chris, 12th Grade

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