One day I traveled to Africa to see the animals.  When I got there, it was better than I thought.  I thought it was going to be plain and dry, but the landscape looked amazing.  I grabbed a backpack, a tent, a hunting knife, flashlight, and a shotgun, and I set off to the savannah.

I hiked for 3 days until I got to a pond where I saw 17 lions.  They were in their pride, and a few were laying down in the water.  I  hid behind a rock.  Then I got startled because a gazelle ran past me.  The lions noticed the gazelle too, and started to chase it.  I saw one lion pounce on it and smash it to the ground.  Then he suffocated it.  The rest of the pride went over and started to gnaw on it until it was a pile of bones.

I decided to take the long way home.  I passed elephants, zebras, and hyenas.  I was getting low on water on the 5th day.  I found a pond to fill up my canteen and then set out again.  That night I made camp and fell right to sleep.  I heard a slithering sound around midnight.  I pulled out my flashlight and saw a rattlesnake crawling near my sleeping bag.  I whipped out my knife and chopped off its head.  Its body was still moving, so I threw it out the tent.

After a rough night, I started off again.  I was following my compass north.  After a few hours of travel, I encountered a rhino.  He was charging at me.  I had just enough time to pull out my shotgun and shoot him between the eyes several times.  He fell right at my feet.  I was frightened. I had barely escaped that time.  I knew I had to get back to my camp.  I’d been gone two weeks.  I took the rhino’s horn as a souvenir of Africa.

When I got back home to the United States, I showed my friends the rhino horn, and they were astounded.  I told my friends I’d take them on a tour of Africa someday, as long as they learned how to shoot a shotgun first.

By Cameron, age 13

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