If Harvey were a girl, I would be so happy.  Harvey would be nice and cute and maybe she’d have a different name.  Her name would be Wendy, like the wind.  Her colors are pink and purple.

Wendy is going to play with me.  I like Wendy. She is going to have a pet that is a chick.  Her chick is named Wind.  The chick is blue like the water, but Wind does not like water.  She loves cupcakes and land.

Wendy and Wind like to play together and be nice to all the people.  Wendy makes hurricanes because she wants water for Wind to take a bath.  She surrounds everything so Wind will get wet.  Wind is sad when Wendy make hurricanes, and feels sorry for all the people that have to leave, all for taking a bath.  Wind also feels embarrassed.  But Wendy is sometimes sad, because Wind doesn’t want to take a bath.


By Lizbeth, 2nd Grade

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