Playing my game all day
like I’m hypnotized.
With a smoking hot frito pie smelling,

hot out of the oven.
Wearing an all cotton shirt
like a cloud

just been made,
and some blue gym shorts.
I feel like I’m
in a dungeon
all by myself.

I’m in pain because I’m
getting hungry again
craving for a chili hot dog.
In my head I’m

I see the light,”
I say.  But
it’s my mama
opening my curtains.

“Where am I?”
I say.
“You’re on the couch.”
My mama says.
I’m in shock.
My mama goes
into her room
and I
gently 2

By Alize, 4th grade

No Responses to “And I Fall Gently”

  1. Sheri

    Alize I love your imagery! You are making me want to eat. Mrs. S. Harris

  2. Cornita McDaniel

    You are a poet! I am hungry! Kujawa Elementary is proud of you.

  3. Kim Corrick

    What a wonderful imagination you have!! This poem makes me want to eat a Frito pie and fall gently asleep with a full belly:) Kujawa Elementary is so proud of you and we hope that you will continue to write these wonderful poems!!


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