I am a swimming pool loving
Jet-ski demon, animal hugger
Lover of ponies.
I am an art painting
Head aching
Sprite drinking
Lover of gymnastics.
I am a monster hating
Back aching
Girl who can dance!
I am also a cleaning master
Make-up disaster
Funny actor.

By Ania, 4th grade

[photo by worldchildrensfestival2 k7 via flickr]

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  1. Lisa Glatstein

    Dear Ania, Knowing you as I do I agree totally with your self-assessment but would add you are A Silly Flip-flopper and great friend to Shelby!
    I loved your poem.

  2. Poppy

    Ania, All I can say is wow!. I am so proud, but then I always have been. Love you! Poppy

  3. Seshni Naidoo

    Ania, this poem is awesome and it really describes you well.

    Your friend,


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