This is the season. All WITS writers are helping students select their best work, revise and edit it, and (finally!) publish it in a class anthology. Check out “Picking up a Spider” by Juan Montes. He has been working with WITS Senior Writer Giuseppe Taurino this year.

student-spider-507-resized.jpg Here’s the story by Juan:

On a late Thursday afternoon at school I saw a big orange spider on the ground. I was at recess with Adan. We were playing kickball. The spider was making a web for his home. The web was on the table outside. I was feeling brave so I wanted to catch the spider. Adan was nervous because he was afraid of spiders. I made a trap with my hands. I closed the trap at the top, and I caught the spider.

With the new Spiderman movie opening this weekend, Juan’s essay seems especially appropriate.

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