This spring I met a cool high school teacher at a writing conference who supervises an online forum for young writers. If you’re are a student who’screate_caption_solonitz1.JPG interested in either creative writing or subversive approaches or both, check out MAHC today.

MAHC is a community that couldn’t be much more diverse. It includes:

Journalists, photographers, a college dean, a city attorney, three ex-cons, a folklorist, a horse race handicapper, a chef, a suburban housewife turned environmental activist, a novelist, a software designer, a stand up comic, a couple of teachers, a salsa dancer, a coffee roaster, a real estate consultant, some high school and college students, a lesbian couple, a couple of moms, a psychiatrist, a few dads, a British actress, a really savvy 12-year old, two cartoonists, one street musician, and a guy who manages a Blockbuster in Canada are among those who compose our forum.

And that’s a quote.

There are publishing opportunities galore, both on the site and elsewhere. If you think you’re mad enough, check it out.

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