I say teach me.
She sends tumbleweeds that join together to make fractions.
I say help me.
She teaches me how to divide and used mixed fractions with cactus.
I say caress me.
She strokes me with her warm breath.
I say watch me.
She watches me over the clear skies of Arizona.
I say hold me.
She whispers, “Lie on my dry hills of sand.”
I say tease me.
She blows a big gust of wind to me.
Arizona is my teacher.
Arizona is my caring teacher.

By Seshni, 3rd grade

[photo by bridgepix via flickr]

6 Responses to “Arizona Is My Teacher”

  1. Susan Bays

    I am awed by this poem. It makes me want to go to Arizona to learn from the earth. Thank you, Seshni!


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