I am Asparhawk, fastest in the sky,
I go to a nest, which is mine.
Feasting on peaches forever
I never get sick, never ever.
I know it’s weird, but that’s what you’ve seen.
Please whatever you do,
Don’t think we’re mean!

* * *

Asparahawks live in the trees,
With monkeys and wasps and bumblebees.
As all of you can see,
We hide as the predator goes by,
We shriek and squeal. . . Oh my!
We are very alert
In case someone tries to eat us.

* * *

Sorta skinny
I hate to be stealthy
My skin is greeny
I am very slimy!
I have a million cloves but of course,
No clothes!
Vegetarians don’t want meat
It’s the asparagus they want to eat!

By Jacob, 3rd Grade
[picture drawn by Jacob]

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