Chesney was born and raised in a family that is real hot-headed. She has two tattoos. Her mom knows about both of them. Her daddy doesn’t really know, and she’s not planning on telling him. She has a habit of shopping non-stop. She cannot make eggs for nothing. This girl is petrified of heights and bugs. She can tie a cherry with her tongue. It’s easy for her to make jewelry out of money. Her daddy used to drive trucks, and she got to see Mount Rushmore once. They also moved 20 times in 6 months. When she was born prematurely, her daddy got her this kitty cat that she still has. Chesney just started taking guitar lessons. She cannot live without her purses or Baby Phat or her cell phone. She has been collecting crystal and snow globes since her 7th birthday. Chesney’s favorite character is Winnie the Pooh, and she is addicted to shopping, money, and jewelry.


by Chesney D.
UCP High School/High Tech Program

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