The elementary school students gave a fabulous performance last night. Join us tonight to hear the middle and high school kids. You can pick up a free copy of Blooms too. Here are the winners who will be featured:

Mahid Aulakh
Darryl Wayne F. Beronque
Joshua Davies
Malkie Feigenson
Alyssa Flores
Paul Hussmann
Adina Lapine
Luigi Ramirez Vega
Timothy Streller
Eduardo F. Vela
Alissa Watson
Alli Willis
Victoria Alford
Marcos Amaya
Daniel Arenas
Samiah Aulakh
Raven Harris
Aubreona Jackson
Alex Vargas
Diana Yado
Dayana Flores
Cristian A. Garcia
Angelyca D. Jackson
Jairo James
Jaylon Jenkins
Luisa Luviano
Joseph Reyes
Crystal Sowemimo
Jeanette Vazquez
Chloé Charendoff
Sherlyn Galarza
Whitney Hall
Jomall Hasty
Maria Gallegos
Kayleigh Harrigan
Timothy Lacey, Jr.
Wynton Macklin
Angelica Martinez
Christina Noblett
Parris Powell
Nicole Salyer
Abel Arriola
Jasmine Ashe
T’Keynah La Van
Janicka McNeely
Niocca Owens
Laquonta Smith
Daniel Solache
Lildaniel Toomer
Krista Wilson
Laura Ying
Ariel Brigham
Caroline Hudgins
Emalie Kane
Shannon London
Jessica Harris
Yolanda Jimenez
Derrick Robinson
Nikita Vaughan

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  1. stidmama

    We used a copy of Blooms in a middle school classroom in Olympia Washington, finishing up a two-week language arts unit on poetry and oral history just this past week. Thanks to the kids who made their poetry available (helped our kids feel more comfortable writing their own), and thanks to WITS for paving the way to bring literature to life in the classrooms.


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