I’ve always been interested in music.  One of my earliest memories was getting my first drum set.   I was seven.  My parents got it at a garage set, and as soon as I saw it, I was ready to start.  I taught myself just by listening to music and then trying to play what I heard.  When I was about 12, I started playing at school.  I had to audition to play the drums.   When I started, it was a lot more structured.  Instead of teaching myself, I had others teaching me.  I found out that I had developed some bad habits, but I still think the time I spent teaching myself was worthwhile.  Over the next few years I kept improving.  When I was 16, I joined a jazz band.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve done so far.  It’s a completely different style of playing, and it’s a lot harder.  The only teacher I had was another kid.  I love it.  We play at the school and at competitions.  I think you’re born into drumming.  Only about 8% of the world has the brain capability to drum well.  You have to be good at multi-tasking and being steady.  In drumming the terminology is based on sound.  For example, you might play a flamadiddle followed by a ratamacue.  If you don’t have a good drummer, you can’t have a good band.  I want music to continue to be a part of my life.

By Haden, 11th grade

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