Illustration by Georgie, Second Grade
Illustration by Georgie, Second Grade

In many of my WITS classes, I use a mnemonic called “C.A.R.E.” to help students remember the four basic ways to revise. I explain to the students that all writers think their writing is important, so they must CARE for it.

C=Cross Out ideas, sentences, paragraphs, words using the delete symbol

A=Add images, figurative language, dialogue, thoughts, using the caret, speech, and thought bubbles

R=Rearrange ideas to make sure they are in an order that make sense

E=Exchange “tired” words like big, nice, good, etc. for more vivid words

For younger students, I might focus an entire class period on a specific revisioamy-lin-in-a-maze.jpgn technique, exchanging ‘tired’ words for instance. I model that specific revision technique, letting the students brainstorm and give me suggestions. Then the students are prepared to CARE on their own.

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