You’ll see me on the rooftops pushing open my envelope.

Beyond my farthest awareness, there is part of me unknown.

Energy pulling me back and forth by my arms.

Inspired too heavily by the kaleidoscope of pop culture,

I tiptoe far away from here, into another world in which I

Chant out the truth of me not yet uncovered.

Covered by a thick layer, a cement of confusion,

I would fight to know why the reality of it all lies ahead and

Yet I never reach it. Differentiate me from the world of

Everyone the same.


Inside each crease is a secret of me not uncovered.

Lifetimes later the musicality will stay in time

But then there will be no purpose of reaching in those folds.

I don’t stand for being one way to please the public.

I believe in letting the folds open themselves.

They push me into a pit of despair, but I am waiting

For a hand to push me out of the pit and into a world

Of people who feel what I have and always will feel.

These words, a slow collapse of security, hold close



I’m sitting here waiting to remember, watching the

Ripples of water burst, waiting to feel the rain, not

Just get wet.


By Zoey, 8th Grade

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